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SPANISH PAPERBACK: 9780999854242
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ENGLISH KINDLE – 9780999854204
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"Doc, if it was you, what would you do?"
Buy the book and find out.

ANYWAY YOU CAN: Doctor Bosworth Shares Her Mom’s Cancer Journey: A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO KETONES FOR LIFE

“As a doctor the number one question I get from patients when they are faced with a scary choice in medicine today, ‘Doc, what would you do?’ This is the story of what happened when my 71 year old mother was dying of cancer. Tim Ferriss saved her life. This story will save yours,” Annette Bosworth, MD…

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Subscribe To My Youtube Channel Dr. Boz [Annette Bosworth, MD]

Dr Boz Keto Facts

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Do You Want to Know How to Get the Most Out of Your Ketogenic Diet Plan?
50 Facts About Keto

We created this FREE e-book to help you understand all the benefits and best practices of the ketogenic diet.

We came up with the 50 most beneficial facts about the ketogenic diet you need to know about if you are interested in or currently engaging in the ketogenic diet.