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Would you like the secret cliff notes that I use to help patients lose weight forever?

Have you seen keto succeed at first, and then stall? Or worse yet, have you seen keto cause weight GAIN?

The Struggle is Real

Have you tried all the diets? Bought countless cookbooks, meal plans, and support groups? Have you asked your doctor for help, and all you got was a prescription for one of the problems?

Have you been to chiropractors, nutritionists, and health coaches – only to leave with mixed-up advice and dozens of supplements that did not help remove the pounds?

Have you paid for weight loss until you’re broke? Don’t you wish they’d charge you for the pounds lost instead of charging upfront?

Why don’t personal trainers bill you for the lost pounds they promise you’ll get instead of the dream they sell you? “I’ll pay you when it works!”

Experts have overpromised KETO too..
Most had slow progress and fell short of the promised results.

It’s not
your fault.

You probably felt great initially but found a brick wall along the way.
You stalled out.

Well, it’s not your fault. Your internal engines slowed down, and progress stopped.

I'll show you how I HACK patients' metabolism.
This secret will blow your mind so you can:

  • Lose the stubborn weight and keep it off forever.
  • Reverse those diseases your doctor said were not reversible.
  • Wring out the inflammation from every cell in your body
  • Bring back energy last seen in your youth.

This 21-day STIMULUS will launch you from ordinary keto to the applied science of keto.
Learn how to throttle autophagy in 21 days.

Now, if you think you've struggled, check out Brian's story…

I’ve seen patients for over two decades as an Internal Medicine physician. When a patient weighs over 400 pounds, a sense of hopelessness hits both of us as we tackle their problems.

At 19 years old, Brian entered the workforce sorting mail in the bank’s mailroom. He seized one opportunity after another and through grit, drive, and persistence he climbed the corporate latter.

His top intellect launched him past his peers and into executive employement at the bank. His fancy title in corporate America rewarded him with company flights, expense cards, and all the benefits of a professional. At age 29, at the peak of his mental performance, all that potential evaporated when he gained 100 pounds in one year.

His career momentum slowed as more weight trickled onto his body along with several medical problems found with obesity. His high IQ didn’t save him from high blood pressure, knee pain, psoriasis, depression, sleep apnea, and advanced arthritis. His flights across the country soon required two airplane seats, a CPAP machine, & a seatbelt extender. He never considered lowering the tray table in front of him due to his massive girth. At 350 pounds, he did not fit into the row anymore.

The next 100 pounds accumulated over a decade; at 45 years old, he peaked at 450 pounds. He lived in a prison where his prison bars were the pounds of fat holding him down. His neck circumference stretched to 24 inches, and his waist 60 inches. His medicine cabinet overflowed with failed prescriptions that promised relief. His depressed brain filled him with the greatest disappointment.

How could someone so intelligent, and so driven end up here? In the most profound days of his depression, he could hardly lift his arms. They were too heavy. The mental decline was more than a bad mood that stole his intellect. He stopped caring. He did not want to keep going. It was too hard. His weakened muscles, poor immune system, receding gums, rotting joints, and low self-esteem waxed his path toward an early grave.

Doctors, chiropractors, nutritionists, and specialists offered advice that failed time after time. Professional help seemed like a joke, and he felt utterly stuck, imprisoned. The disappointment from one more failure was too much.

Yet in 2019, as a last resort, he paid a physical therapist to exercise him like a maniac and lost 100 pounds that year. Sadly, he felt terrible –suffering with diffuse pain, constant hunger, persistent depression, and pitiful energy. And at the end of that year, his weight started rising again.

Why couldn’t Brian get better?

Brian had advanced problems due to a broken metabolism. Without the hack of a rejuvenated metabolism, he would fail again. His fear of failing again was justified … yet he kept searching for a solution.

It was not Brian’s fault. He was hungry for any advisor to explain why this had happened and how to reverse it. But his health educators sprinkled basic information on his advanced problems, leaving him with a doomed destiny.

How Brian Found Hope

Brian researched the ketogenic diet in early 2020. He saw it as another pipe dream … another false promise of unsustainable weight loss. Then Brian found a few of my YouTube videos online. His brain’s skepticism was challenged by the zaps of curiosity from the analytical part of his brain. For the first time, he found answers that explained his advanced questions. Brian wanted to learn more.

Brian surrendered and committed to trying again despite his skepticism and fear of failure. This time he followed EXACTLY what I, “Dr Boz” told him to do.

He could not believe the results. The weight plummeted, but more importantly, his brain felt better. Unbeknownst to Brian, he was rebuilding his metabolism. By following as instructed, his brain felt the first of several improvements associated with this repair. No one told him this could happen. Instead of the failed promises from past programs, his success expanded beyond his dreams.

Brian was a star student, measuring, plotting, and challenging himself. He mastered new skills and practiced them before advancing. He stuck to the process HARDCORE. Once he figured out what he was doing wrong, the right advice led to massive success.

The real problem was the limited “glib” advice in the standard weight loss approach. No longer was Brian satisfied with the basic answers to his questions. His health reversal came from understanding and applying advanced weight loss and chronic inflammatory lessons. Brian would never let his brain return to that dungeon.

After Brian’s brain wrung out the inflammation, the analytical part of his brain began to repair. In addition, his depression and anxiety slowly washed away. His mood rose along with his energy. Joy and desire for pleasure had been missing for so long that he struggled to find the words to explain why he felt so good.

Once he realized how much better his brain worked, his self-confidence rose along with his desire to share this information with others.

Take a look at others who had similar results to Brian:

Join Dr. Boz's 21-Day Metabolic Kick!


  • 192 pounds lost
  • Off all 4 of her blood pressure meds.
  • Stopped her metformin after her A1C had fallen from 14 to 5.1
  • Her uric acid fell from 11 to 5 .. and all of her liver and kidney labs normalized!


  • Free of Psoriasis and dermatomyositis flare-ups since 2020
  • Mental sharpness returned. No more brain fog!


  • Lost over 100 pounds
  • Glucose 145 now 70s

What do these people have in common?
Their lives changed by following my advanced guidance.

Brian broke free from his prison.

In such a short time, Brian gained back YEARS of his life.
Sticking to my advice resulted in this:

  • He weighs 210 pounds at 6’1″
  • He stopped his immunosuppressive drug, Humira, because his advanced autoimmune arthritis was cured
  • He canceled a surgery to scope his knee for a torn meniscus.
  • He is off all blood pressure meds
  • He is off CPAP for sleep apnea
  • His waist = 34”
  • His neck= 16 1/2
  • His gums grew back!
  • His gray hair diminished!
  • And his depression gone for > 2 years!

Now he flies without an extension on his seatbelt and shows off two extra feet on his seatbelt strap. He sits in the middle seat with plenty of room to fold down the tray table in front of him.

Brian is free. His release from imprisonment sends him backpacking over 30 miles, kayaking, biking, and living the life he thought was never attainable.
It’s like he won the lottery, only better!

Join Dr. Boz's 21-Day Metabolic Kick!

I've organized this information for a small number of interested people. I created this 21 day challenge to provide you with all the tools and support you need so you can fix your metabolism to lose the weight forever.

It took over two decades of running an internal medicine clinic to acquire this information. Physicians should be able to discern when to push a patient and when to pause. Not all do. Through cases like Brian’s, I gained insight into how to apply this knowledge and build a better metabolism. More importantly… I can show you how to do that too.

When I published keto CONTINUUM, I knew this information belonged inside that book. But it was left on the cutting room floor.

The reward of watching patients transform drove me to create this 21 day challenge.

It’s time to show you what I’ve learned.

If you are stuck, or you are coaching others that are stuck, you belong in this classroom.

Brian suffered because he did not know how to revive his metabolism. This process is so much easier because of the thousands of patients that have been through this education.

Here are a few examples of how my teaching has changed lives:


I have my life back!

I’ve had various health issues for years, autoimmune and thyroid, just to name a few. The last 2 or so years of my life I’ve slowly given up, to the point where I stopped doing things I love, avoided gatherings, made excuses to friends. Dr Boz explained Keto, real Keto, in a way that I could finally understand. It isn’t complicated nor difficult. Thank you Dr Boz, you have honestly given me back my life and filled me with hope!


5.0 out of 5 stars Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I have PCOS and i have struggled my entire life to lose weight. I have honestly lost and regained the same 50 pounds at least 10 times! My husband and I have been on the keto diet for a couple years now. My Doctor told me I would have to take meds for PCOS for the rest of my life but now I have so much hope and thanks to you I have the confidence that I will be successful! I now know how to make the keto diet get me all the way to my healthy weight!


This will change your life!!!

I have been keto for a long time but not losing the weight like I want. Because of Dr Boz, I identified my down falls and got back on track. Yes it goes against what conventional Docs tell you but I put my faith in Dr. Boz after reading both her books and have seen dramatic changes in my health and you can too. Thank you Dr. Boz and never stop. Every practicing doctor and the medical community needs to adopt this way of treating their patients instead of pulling out the prescription pad!!!

If you want to follow Brian’s success, join me for 21 days Metabolic Kick where we RECOVER your metabolism, help you lose weight forever without starving, regain your energy levels, and reverse medical problems.

This is a LIVE program where I’ll personally give you the exact same instruction that Brian used.

This 21 day Metabolic Kick allows only 250 to experience the transformation.

What do you get if you join my 21 day Metabolic Lab?

21-Day Metabolic Kick

Kick Your Stall – 21 Day Challenge
ACCELERATE Your Metabolism

You get to be part of my metabolic lab. The environment where I do what I’ve been doing for over 2 decades … but now I am taking it to a classroom of people.

Instead of advising one person at a time behind an examroom door, I want to share how I crack the code for broken metabolisms in a classroom of eager students.

Like any great professor, class will start with some sciency lectures. In order to Revive Your Metabolism you’re gonna need to know a few things that I have learned.

I’ve been working on this curriculum for as long as I’ve been studying patients. Much of the basic science of broken metabolism dances across the pages of my books ANYWAY YOU CAN, and the information gets more advanced in keto CONTINUUM. This 21 Day METABOLIC KICK delivers the most advanced information.

I prepared these lessons from hundreds (maybe thousands) of patient-visits. I gathered this information from folks who succeeded and those who struggled with metabolic health issues and being overweight.

As I unveil the demise of our health, you will see yourself in the information – I know I did.

The following lectures walk through the steps that are required for repair. I cover the science of:

  • An eating window …
  • mitochondria dysfunction …
  • The science behind fasting – and how the endocrine changes that heal our bodies are different when a lean person fasts, versus an obese person, versus a metabolically flexable one.
  • Reversing obesity happens in phases … explaining the science is only the beginning.

Metabolic Kick is not just about the science. My team and I will get inside your head. All the science in the world does not reverse the psychological issues that block weight loss.

Inside your classrooms … led by my teammates, you will find other students with metabolisms similar to yours. We will sort your needs into a classroom with the appropriate coach. That coach and I will orchestrate personal accountability.

Each student will help track their progress so we can identify who’s on track .. and who’s struggling.

The REAL-TIME analysis of your current metabolic state will be shared on the clinical dashboard supervised by me and my team.

Daily Rankings within each classroom help to share progress with your peers.

Based on this real-time information and the assessments from your coaches, I will select 10 TEACHABLE MOMENTS from highlighted students in the class. THIS IS GOLDEN. This is my favorite part.

We want to see your REAL LIFE, HONEST JOURNEY. We care about your successes and struggles. When you journey through your struggles in isolation, you offer teachable moments to a party of ONE. In our classroom, dozens of students will demonstrate the TEACHABLE MOMENTS allowing ALL of us to learn.

Tune in to see how I identified their problem … and learn what I’d do to address the issue. Nowhere else will you get this live, real-time instruction on how to manage these advanced problems.

Access to a private community and
Personal accountability coach

We WON”T deliver on a menu .. Instead we will get inside your head. This matters more. Through daily “CHECK-IN” we will teach you how to rethink your connection to food. We will Use Guided Mediations & mental excercises that SHOCK you out of that rut.

TEAM BOARD will connect you with your goals and your classmates:

  • We will post your WHY on the board
  • We will post your GOAL on the Team Board.
  • You will have 21 days to achieve this.

We will plot current metabolism & guide you for appropriate NEXT STEPS in Metabolism Rescue.

You will have intense accountability to your classroom. Your journey will be supported and observed by the Dr Boz team and your classmates.

GUIDED MEDITATIONS will be your pocket coach when temptation strikes. You will have my voice of encouragement to zap you out of that hypnotic temptation in your POCKET.

There are two major MISSIONs built into the 21 days.

The first mission will be CRUSH CRAVINGS. Let us helps you confront your relationship with food. Your adolescent taste buds will no longer rule your life. We will show you how. We will help you win. We will help you analyze your POST MISSION METABOLISM. You will be surprised what happens 48 hours after the completion of that mission. Autophagy Unlocked.

The second mission will conquer your fear of fasting. We will help you select the appropriate fast for your situation. We will all do this together WHILE MONITORING your real-time data.

Together we will BREAK FAST. The final days of the challenge will address how to properly break a fast and preserve your enhanced metabolism.

The cost of resurrecting patients from a stalled metabolism exceeds most people’s resources. I’ve seen patients spend over $30,000 on specialized medical attention that I contend is not as powerful as what will happen in these 21 days.

I want to make this accessible to everybody who is serious about reversing metabolism. I won’t charge you $30,000.

That’s why the students in this class get:

21 days of video content (Value $8000)

5 Advanced Prepared Lecutures by me, Dr Boz that are not found anywhere else ($2,500)

5 Pocket Lessons on Secretes to Metabolic Success ($500)

10 Case studies from class demonstrating teachable moments. I will apply the information taught in the lessons to these students, and explain where they are stuck and what the next steps should be. This is the most valuable part of the course. (Each consult is worth $500 for a $5000 value)

15 days of personalized coaching supervised by me, Dr. Bosworth. (Value $2,250)

Expert coaches, hand selected by me

Your coach and I get to know you and deliver the human connection that will guarantee you start and STAY the course.

Your coach will walk you through exercises to inspire and hold you accountable.

Your classmates will teach, inspire, and support you. They are your tribe.

Access to results tracking dashboard for all Coaches and Students to see (Value $997)

Our DATA DASHBOARDS features real-time synchronized information from each participant.

Practice applying your newly acquired information to know if you’re burning fat and making progress

Automatically calculate your Dr Boz Ratio throughout the day

Access to a private community (that is not on FB) (Value $997)

We tucked this science-based apprenticeship inside a positive, supportive community.

This positive peer pressure is worth every penny and can not be found anywhere else.

Gain the wisdom of your tribe

Retrain your Brain (Value $497)

Weight loss isn’t a physical challenge, it’s a mental challenge

Make a game out of crushing your cravings

Create new pathways in your brain, 1 win at a time


Meditations that will live on your phone forever.

Just push PLAY, and we will help you through this moment!

Secret CRAVINGS KILLER challenge (Value $497) (works even if you’ve struggled with food addiction)

Learning how to find joy in places other than food

Change your relationship with food

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for food addiction

Secret FASTING MISSION (Value $497) (works even if you’ve never fasted before)

Using all the tools and tricks we have learned to unlock this ultimate skill

Fasting isn’t meant to be done in isolation, the ultimate improvement comes from community support

Your coach will strengthen your fasting skills, and your small group will give you the motivation to succeed.

The total value for my 21-day challenge could easily go beyond $13,000, but because this is the first time, you’ll be able to join for only $997.

All sales stop when the 250 seats are filled… or on Monday Sept 12 – which ever comes firsts.

I’m sending this offer to 32,000 people, and it will be open only to the first 250 who join.

Imagine how life will be different if you could lose the weight. Join thousands of others who have transformed their health with my teachings.

I created this experience to give a proven process to kick your metabolism back into the game of life.

This is my legacy. My goal was to create the best training to help you get your life back. And I did.

Join Dr. Boz's 21-Day Metabolic Kick! - $997

  • 21 days of video content
  • 15 days of personalized coaching supervised by me, Dr. Bosworth.
  • Access to results tracking dashboard for all Coaches and Students to see
  • Access to a private community (that is not on FB)
  • Retrain your Brain
  • Secret CRAVINGS KILLER challeng