The Gift of Health

Learn medical grade keto, taught by Dr Boz, combined with all the supplements you may need to ease your body into an improved metabolism. Get the Gift of expert Keto with all the trimmings.

Why Use Keto to HACK Your Metabolism?

  • Lose the stubborn weight and keep it off forever.
  • Reverse those diseases your doctor said were not reversible.
  • Wring out the inflammation from every cell in your body
  • Bring back energy last seen in your youth.


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Everything you Need to Lose Weight and
Improve your Health

Consistently Keto

Dr Boz will teach you keto the right way, lead by a physician. The online course is the fastest way to learn how to keto correctly, and connects you to a community of people who are practicing this style of keto.

Quality Eating Guide

Dr. Boz designed the good, Better, BEST Food Guide to help move your choices from good to Better to BEST. She mapped the ketoCONTINUUM to show you the roadmap towards the BEST metabolism possible.

Cucumber Lemon BHB

This is the most refreshing of the BHB supplements. Blend with ice, mix with cream, or just mix with water for the most delicious, ready made ketones.
Use this supplement whenever you fall off the wagon, or to help you through your first few fasts.

BHB + MCT Combo

BHB are ready made ketones, and MCT is a fat that your liver turns into ketones. This combination is the best supplement for beginners to teach your body how to use ketones and ease the transition into ketosis. Sip on this 2-3 times a day for your first 2 weeks of keto. Return to this supplement whenever you fall off the wagon

Vitamin K2+D3

These vitamins are made from fat, and most people are very depleted from these 2 nutrients when they start keto. Take 2 supplements every day until the bottle is gone. When you are done, consider checking your vitamin D. Go to to buy a home test.

Beef Liver Capsules

Our Grass-Fed Beef Liver nourishes your brain, immune system and body, using nature’s most concentrated source of Vitamin A the most absorbable form of iron, copper, zinc, folate, and B-complex vitamins. Take
3-6 of these a day until the bottle is gone.

Doctor Lead Keto with all
the Trimmings

If you want to improve your health, or just lose weight, get a Keto ‘prescription’ from a medical practitioner. I teach Keto in a step-by-step system I developed based on years of experience reversing medical problems through healthy keto living. It’s my goal to ‘undo’ as many prescriptions as I’ve written in my 20 years of practice.

I made the decision to develop my own products because I was frustrated by unregulated and inconsistent keto supplements. You can trust my products to give your keto journey a boost.

My teaching changes lives:


I have my life back!

I’ve had various health issues for years, autoimmune and thyroid, just to name a few. The last 2 or so years of my life I’ve slowly given up, to the point where I stopped doing things I love, avoided gatherings, made excuses to friends. Dr Boz explained Keto, real Keto, in a way that I could finally understand. It isn’t complicated nor difficult. Thank you Dr Boz, you have honestly given me back my life and filled me with hope!


5.0 out of 5 stars Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I have PCOS and i have struggled my entire life to lose weight. I have honestly lost and regained the same 50 pounds at least 10 times! My husband and I have been on the keto diet for a couple years now. My Doctor told me I would have to take meds for PCOS for the rest of my life but now I have so much hope and thanks to you I have the confidence that I will be successful! I now know how to make the keto diet get me all the way to my healthy weight!


This will change your life!!!

I have been keto for a long time but not losing the weight like I want. Because of Dr Boz, I identified my down falls and got back on track. Yes it goes against what conventional Docs tell you but I put my faith in Dr. Boz after reading both her books and have seen dramatic changes in my health and you can too. Thank you Dr. Boz and never stop. Every practicing doctor and the medical community needs to adopt this way of treating their patients instead of pulling out the prescription pad!!!

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