Dr Boz Favorites

Fermented Pique Teas

Tea that Soothes a FAST.

Best tea in the world. Fasting made easier with this tea.

Bucket of Bentonite Clay

Bucket of Bentonite Clay Powder. Six pounds!!

BHB Capsules


Dr Boz Mexican Chocolate Spice - 20 Sachets

Mexican Chocolate Spice Sachets

Salt-Sucking Rocks

Salt Sucking Rock

BEST Thermometer EVER!!

Infrared Non Contact Thermometer

Dr Boz Cucmber Lemon BHB - 20 Sachets per Box

Dr Boz Cucumber Lemon BHB - 20 Sachets per Box

Muse Mediation Device

Muse S Headband - Track your sleep with EEG readings in your own bed.

Muse S - track your sleep.

Dr Boz Fridge & Pocket Guide

Beginner's Guide To Keto

Take your Keto from Good to Better to BEST! This helps

Bergamot Fasting Tea

Bergamot FASTING Tea

Bergamot Fasting Tea
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