Dr Boz Favorites

Muse S Headband

Mediation like Dr. Boz

FORA 6 Connect Blood Uric Acid Test Strips (10pcs/box, Compatible with FORA 6 Connect Meter)

Check your Uric Acid

Bergamot FASTING Tea

Fast like Dr. Boz

Chicken Skin Crisps Bundle

Enjoy as a healthy snack

Tea that Soothes a FAST.

Fermented Pique Teas

FIVE Bags of Beef

Use with you favorite dip

Re-Lyte® Boost Sticks Box (15 ct.)

Boost is a clean energy drink

Salt Sucking Rock

Great to use when fasting

Chicken Bone Broth

Easy way for Bone Broth

Jar of Bentonite Clay

The Best Bentonite Clay

Pocket Salt by REDMOND

Always have your salt on hand

Beef Broth

Quick and Easy

Redmond Salt Refill

The Salt Dr. Boz enjoys

Chocolate Collagen

Collagen you will enjoy

Fora Care Glucose Monitor

A Great Ketone & Glucose Monitor