Gym vs. Fasting: Which is better?

If you’re insulin resistant, there is a specialized formula for losing fat.
Why would I say NO to exercise? Let’s compare the science of exercise to the science of fasting.

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Exercise is any activity that breaks a sweat. Sweating is not beyond anyone’s ability, despite what my patients tell me.

People with healthy metabolisms are quick to break a sweat and can use two fuels, glucose and ketones, during a workout.

But if your metabolism isn’t so healthy, your body will burn glucose every time.

Wait, Doc, isn’t that a good thing? In a word: No.

Exercise is good. Everybody should get some. But if you’re overweight and insulin resistant, you should fast before stepping foot in a gym. Here’s why.

The patient wants to lose weight… but what he’s really saying is he wants to lose FAT.

Fat is the stored energy he has in excess all over his body.

The patient hops on a treadmill and sets off running. He even starts sweating and thinks, “I’m burning fat!”

But on the inside, insulin is guarding his fat cells.

He will have to use all of the energy he has in abundance, glucose, before his body taps into fat storage. He can exercise for hours and not open one fat cell because of all the excess sugar he has in his liver and muscles.

To access his fat (and he has a lot of it) – he must lower his insulin first.

Not only will this unlock those fat cells and release a bunch of stored energy, lowering his insulin will reduce the stress on his body when he is pounding away on the treadmill.


The most efficient way to unlock fat is to stop eating – to fast.

When you deny food, what you’re really doing is forcing your body to use the glucose stored inside your liver and muscles.

As the hours pass, your mitochondria sense the depletion of glucose fuel and signal the doors to open for your fat energy.

Fix your chemistry before stressing your body with exercise, then the fat will melt off.

Fasting is great. But there are some rules. Watch this video and make sure you pass these 3 tests before you start fasting:

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