How to Increase HGH [Human Growth Hormone] Naturally: Mother Nature’s Way.

BABY BOOMERS: I am sorry. Your generation paid the highest price. At the age of 30, you were told to eat low-fat food or you’ll have a heart attack.

You listened to this mantra throughout your life. Now you’re in your 60s or 70s. Your fear of fat is solidly wired into your brain. ‘Do not eat fat or you will die.’ Oh, SNAP! I am sorry. This was the wrong advice.

I’d personally like to apologize on behalf of the medical establishment for how poorly we have advised you. You’ve had more surgeries than any previous generation. The medical industry talked you into over-medicating thanks to the ‘packaged truths’ about those drugs. We’ve opened your hearts, got you on statin meds, and stented your arteries instead of teaching you how to fix your troubles the correct way.

Instead, we should have taught you to manage your body chemistry-not re-route your blood flow. In your remaining decades, I offer you a secret that course corrects your body:

Growth Hormone!

One hormone can reverse every conventional crime medicine has done to you: Growth Hormone.

Human Growth Hormones’ (HGH), mass media popularity, started when bodybuilders injected it with the promise of strong and lean muscles. This touchy little chemical does not work optimally when swallowed. Human Growth Hormone, or HGH, must be injected. That scares off most of my patients, but not bodybuilders.

They used this hormone with great success to grow muscles. That audience consumed this drug, and soon they shared trade secrets with Hollywood and the like. Take a look at the latest movie starring a big, buff, cut actor or a sleek, lean actress. Chances are they got their physique courtesy of HGH. Attend a Broadway or Las Vegas theater show. Look carefully at the lean, strong dancers or flying acrobats.

That’s HGH in action.
For twenty years I’ve heard the desperation of patients trying to lose weight. The answer is growth hormone.

Wait. Before you rush out and shoot up with growth hormone, finish reading. This chemical compound provides a good answer for much of your middle-aged problems, but it is tricky to dose correctly. Let me teach you how to get your body to produce more growth hormone. That’s right, trigger your body to squirt out more growth hormone.

Endocrinologists, physicians who specialize in hormones, are thrilled about HGH. It fixes everything wrong with a middle-aged, overweight, slightly depressed, low-energy person. Growth hormone reverses your age.

It’s THE anti-aging cure.
My medical school textbooks taught me that growth hormone decreases as you age. After age 50, your body’s HGH production slows to a trickle never to rise again.

I am here to tell you: that’s not true. You absolutely can stimulate your body to make more growth hormone at any age.

Before we go into that, let’s review what growth hormone does.

Growth hormone.
Say it out loud: growth hormone. You got it. It makes things GROW. This hormone is produced inside your brain-in your pituitary gland to be exact. Like many of the other hormones in your body, the chemical structure of growth hormone begins as a fat.

As you were developing through childhood and adolescence, this hormone told your muscles and bones to grow. Growth hormone was critical in transforming your body from a child to an adult. Naturally, the body cranked out its most substantial amount of growth hormone during puberty. HGH seeps out of your brain cells during sleep. Your grandma’s excellent advice to you when you were a teenager about getting lots of rest was spot on accurate. Well-rested teenagers produce the most robust growth hormone of all – and they produce it best while asleep. During your adolescent years, if you want the best-developed body, get deep, predictable, sound sleep.

From puberty onward, your body produces less growth hormone.

Measuring growth hormone in the human body is quite difficult. HGH only lasts for a few minutes in the bloodstream. Competitive athletes take advantage of this. They inject HGH into their systems knowing the sports doping police won’t be able to measure it. Naturally, your brain squirts a burst of HGH into your body every night right after you enter a state of deep sleep. Typically, this is six hours into the sleep cycle or around 4 o’clock in the morning. see here now

Once in your bloodstream, HGH begins a cascade of other reactions. First, your liver releases a substantial sugar dose into your bloodstream causing you to wake up. Subsequently, HGH gets to the business of what it does best, stimulating growth.

It grows the following cells:

  • immune system,
  • skin,
  • hair,
  • liver,
  • bone,
  • nerves,
  • muscles
  • and many more.

To supply fuel for all this growth, HGH triggers fat cells to open up and empty their stored energy.

HGH opposite of Insulin
In comparison, this is the opposite of what insulin does to those same fat cells. In the presence of growth hormone, your storage cells release fat into your bloodstream. HGH improves your overall energy levels by freeing up stored fuel. It revs up your metabolism, brightens your mood, and suppresses your appetite.

It also boosts your sex drive! What a great drug, right?!
Conversely, low HGH causes fatigue, decreased stamina, depressed mood, reduced muscle mass and strength, thin and dry skin, increased fatty growth, slow thinking, and reduced bone density.

Can you see why this hormone is perfect for every middle-aged person looking to reverse the effects of aging?

At this point, you’re probably asking, why don’t people shoot up HGH?

HOLD ON. Don’t do that.
Hijacking the squirt gun for HGH has some SERIOUS consequences. Those experts I mentioned earlier called Endocrinologist – they know what they are doing. These super smart, specialized doctors have tried many ways to get the HGH formula precisely right. When they overshoot and inject too much hormone, bad things happen.

Overshoot and you will soon become a moody, pimply diabetic with high blood pressure and an enlarged heart. Not to mention, men start growing boobies. That is not a joke. That’s real. Their breasts go from boy’s breasts to milk-producing girl’s breasts due to the excess HGH converting to estrogen. That extra estrogen also shrinks their testicles.

When HGH dosing is not calculated correctly and timed, the effects can be gnarly. Although teenagers depend upon growth hormone to lengthen their bones, the adult bones are fused and can’t grow any longer. However, too much HGH in an adult morphs their face bones into a Neanderthal-like look.

Overshoot that HGH and their forehead thickens and their jawbones overgrow. Additionally, a poorly timed injection of HGH into adults will cause mood swings and pimples that flash you back to your teenage years. Too much HGH at the wrong time and you can take a perfectly decent Dr. Jekyll and awaken the evil Mr. Hyde.

Also, injecting HGH for unapproved purposes is illegal and expensive.

Mother Nature Does A Brilliant Job
It turns out nature does a way better job squirting the perfect dose at the right time to give you all of the awesome benefits without breaking the law, draining your wallet and accidentally morphing you into a raging monster.

How do we get more of this excellent hormone that melts your fat away, increases the strength of your muscles, concentrates the density of your bones, boosts your energy, erases your wrinkles, focuses your brain, improves your memory and sparks your libido the 100% safe and natural way?

Answer: FASTING.

Take a deep breath. It’s not the end of the world. Fasting isn’t your enemy.

Granted, I don’t bring this up to patients until they have been in nutritional ketosis every day for at least SEVERAL weeks. Sometimes, we wait for months. If a patient tells me how little they feel hungry, I might ask that patient to fast sooner. This advanced education about growth hormone and fasting promises many benefits. If I broach this subject too early in patients’ education, they do not believe me.

“I know you told me this, doc, but I didn’t believe you. I don’t have the hunger I used to.”

Remember, your blood glucose fluctuations cause hunger. You will feel less hungry when your glucose level remains stable thanks to ketosis. Entering the second or third week of ketone production, patients find they unintentionally skipped a meal for the first time in their life.

Telling patients about this before they experience it has not been rewarding. They thought that was impossible.

When in your third week of ketone production, I encourage you to try to eat one meal a day for two days. Have a lovely, high-fat-low-carb supper. Eat until you are full. No snacking after supper. Go to bed if you feel like eating. When you get up the next morning, have black coffee without food. Pick a busy day to do this. Allow your mind to be distracted from eating. It is one of the keys to success. If anyone offers you food, say these words, “No thank you. I am fasting today. Please, don’t tempt me.” Seriously. Practice saying those words out loud. They work like a charm.

Drink water or coffee. Put a few Pink Himalayan salt crystals in your pocket for easy access. If you experience a wave of hunger, put one of those salt crystal on the tip of your tongue.

Then pause.

Listen. Listen for the shift in what that salt crystal does to your system during a fast. Take that moment to assess what happens honestly. I have learned so much about my coping skills in this tiny, reflective, mindful moment.

Most often you can get past waves of hunger and get to supper without eating any calories.

It sounds crazy when you have not experienced it before. For years, this was an impossible task. So impossible, I could not imagine it. A body fueled by glucose does NOT miss a meal. You get shaky, you can’t think or stay focused, and food becomes an obsession.

When your body is fueled by fat, hunger pangs and cravings disappear. As long as you stay hydrated, you can smoothly go 24 hours between meals. If the body needs fuel, you are minutes away from producing ketones from your stored fat. Your insulin stays low enough to allow your body to release and convert energy as it needs.

If you need to lose weight, you have lots of stored energy you can tap. The previous weeks of producing ketones set up your body chemistry to create and access fat-based fuel.

Let’s get back to the typical Baby Boomer. You find yourself in your mid-50s, 60s, or 70s. You’ve got that extra flab.

How can you empty those fat cells? GROWTH HORMONE
Not the illegal, expensive injectable kind of HGH. Your body will not forgive you when you overshoot that hormone. This compound is just too easy to mishandle. There’s a better, safer, cheaper, smarter and more accessible way. No needles required. Start with three weeks of peeing ketones.

No cheating. You must begin with three weeks of ketosis. Then migrate to the goal of eating one meal a day. Unleash the power of the anti-aging effect of HGH. Each surge of hormone at 4 AM will build upon yesterday’s results.

One more drop from key cells in your brain each morning will transform your body. No, you won’t turn into a neanderthal. Instead, HGH will reverse your body’s clock. Best of all, your body determines what the proper dose is. There’s no chance of overshooting this sensitive biochemical.

The net effect? In one year, you can achieve the following: fewer wrinkles, clearer thinking, more extended focus, improved libido, thicker skin, denser bones, and higher energy. You get all these benefits on top of HGH emptying your fat cells and growing muscle mass. Remember it is a GROWTH hormone.

Boomers, this is your hormone! Start making it now.
Intermittent fasting with only one meal per day for one whole year increases your HGH production. If that I’ too extreme for you, fast intermittently for 4 of the seven days of each week. That’s one meal a day for four of seven days.

There are many social and psychological shifts patients must do before they can fast successfully. When you have conquered the fear of only eating once a day, you will unleash options you didn’t know were available.

Before you dismiss this as downright loony, take a look at this study from 1982. Look at the HGH chart of the participants. They start off with a minuscule amount of HGH at 0.73ng/ml.

Now, look at their numbers as they fasted day after day. By the end of the 36 days of fasting, they have increased their HGH by six times. WOW! Without all the side effects and cost of injections.

This study showed the increase of HGH as patients fasted for over a month. Hormones of keto adapted patients show benefits with fasts as short as 24 hours.

Please don’t let this example of extended fasting intimidate you. It is meant to show you the potential hidden within your body. Start with consuming only 20 grams of carbohydrates or less.

Many of my patients feel so much better with ketosis that we never need to advance the conversation to fasting. Like any of life’s changes, start with a step and stay at that step until you master it.

Then take the next step.

If you want to learn more about the ketogenic diet, check out the book ANYWAY YOU CAN on Amazon or Audible by Annette Bosworth, MD.


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