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Ketosis refers to a state of chemistry inside our blood where ketones are present. When we restrict carbohydrates and use fat to power our bodies, chains of fat weave into our cells and spit out ketones to burn for energy. When ketones float throughout our bloodstream, it is called ketosis or nutritional ketosis. When we use carbohydrates to fuel our body, glucose travels into our cells to burn for energy. Glucose is not as reliable as ketones to fuel the body and can lead to energy crashes and cravings.

In comparison, being in ketosis produces steady, potent, and reliable energy. However, ketosis cannot occur until all of the excess glucose-based fuel has been used up. After the glucose is removed from the body, fat can become the new fuel and ketosis can take place. When ketones power the cells inside our bodies, you see improved mental and physical health.


A ketone, also called a ketone body, is a tiny molecule of fuel found in our bodies. Ketones are molecules made when our body uses fat for energy. Often, our body gets the energy it needs from carbohydrates found in the food we eat. When we stop eating carbohydrates the body’s supply of blood sugar (glucose) gets used up. After our cells burn through the excess glucose, our system turns to the stored fat found in our liver and fat cells.

Chains of fat enter our bloodstream, weave into our cells and produce ketones. Ketones provide a lot of benefits for the body, including removing inflammation and excess water in the body. This leads to disease prevention, cell repair, and weight loss. On top of this, there is an overall improvement in your brain function, sleep and mood. These are just a few benefits that occur from ketones!

These benefits don’t occur unless you are producing ketones, but luckily, you can test this. There are three ways to measure if you’re producing ketones. The blood, the urine, and the breath. The presence of these ketone molecules confirms you are in ketosis: Acetoacetate found in our urine and blood, Beta-Hydroxybutyrate found in our blood, and Acetone found in our breath.


Ketosis begins when the body uses up the extra blood sugar called glucose. When glucose is running low, our body chemistry switches from storing fat to burning fat. Your body only makes this switch when all the glucose is used up. How do you use up all the blood glucose? Stop feeding glucose to your cells. Stop eating carbohydrates, often called “carbs.” Eat a diet high in fat (up to an 80% fat) while keeping your carbs less than 20 per day. If you do this, ketosis will be right around the corner.

Once you switch your chemistry from storing fat to burning fat, ketosis happens and ketones begin coating your cells and tissues. Over the first week of bathing your insides in ketones, you’ll remove inflammation hiding throughout your body. When ketones circulate in your bloodstream, they will stop cravings and suppress your appetite. Similarly, blood ketones promote cell repair and force extra water to leave the body. These excess water molecules do not belong inside the system.

Glucose holds onto hundreds of additional water molecules. Removing the glucose from the blood chemistry and replacing them with ketones promotes weight loss, decreased bloating and lessens swelling throughout the body.


When starting this diet, information is your biggest tool. That’s why we did the research for you and compiled what you need to know into the MeTone Life Quality Eating Guide. The MeTone Life Quality Eating Guide is filled with simple rules, keto-friendly foods and tips and tricks to help you successfully transition into ketosis. One way to kick-start your transition into ketosis is to take an exogenous ketone supplement (laboratory-made ketones) or MCT C8:C10 powder to feel the effects of ketones on your body and mind.

Before long you will be amazed how quickly your body feels energized and how easily you are able to focus for the entire day. This is just a taste of ketosis. In order to feel the long-term effects of ketosis, you need to transition into a high-fat low-carb diet. That’s why the MeTone Life Quality Eating Guide is available – to give you the steps you need to transition into a sustainable form of nutritional ketosis. Use this guide to help you let go of old habits, and find new ways to keep feeling good.

Once you are in ketosis, say goodbye to cravings for sugar and carbohydrates and say hello to improved mental and physical health.


Medium Chain Triglycerides [MCTs] are chains of fats that are not too short, not too long, but just right! These medium chains are made up of 8 to 10 links of carbon making them the perfect size for absorbing nutrients through our trap-door in the intestines called the Portal Vein. Fats with ten links [C10] or less use this trap-door entrance to slide into our bloodstream and rapidly convert to ketones.

Do not be fooled by the generic letters MCT. Look carefully. Most MCTs sell you a cheap fat that is 12 links long [C12] – too big to slide through the trap-door entrance. Swallow a fat with 12-lengths, and you may never see a ketone.  Don’t waste your effort on the C12-fats. Find those supplements that have only C8:C10 in them. MCT C8:C10 provides fast and lasting ketone energy without the clog of C:12. Buy the good stuff!


Ketosis solves problems before they start. Most chronic problems begin with symptoms you can’t even feel. A brain and body fueled by ketones decrease your chance of dementia, joint problems and other diseases in the future. People producing ketones on a regular basis reverse chronic inflammation and recover quicker from injury. Low-level swelling damages the body over time, but only causes slight limitations today.

This smoldering inflammation goes unnoticed until the damage is done. Pee a ketone for two weeks and feel the difference. You’ll never want to go back to a glucose-fueled body again. Keto-adapted athletes are showing up at the top of the leaderboards in several sports. The flexibility to draw energy from fat or glucose gives these athletes a powerful advantage. By practicing ketosis for months before their big performance, their cells are prepared to use either source of fuel.

No bonking for these athletes, and they experience lightning fast recovery times. Whether you compete or not, if you want your body running at its full potential, ketosis does just that.


Several factors determine this. Usually, it takes 48-72 hours to pee your first ketone. It takes longer if you’ve been overweight for a long time, if you have diabetes or if you are a hardcore “carb-junkie.” Weight, height, gender and your genetics also impact how long it takes to produce your first ketone.

The most important factor predicting the arrival of your first ketone is this rule: less than 20 carbohydrates a day. If you’re not peeing a ketone by day 3, carbs are sneaking in somewhere. Look carefully at what you’ve been putting in your body and search labels for hidden carbs. These hidden carbs hinder your ability to produce ketones. To feel the effects of ketones on your body right away, you can supplement with MCT C8:C10 powder or exogenous ketones.

These supplements add ketones to your body within minutes, providing the benefits of ketosis on day one. Supplement with these and feel the benefits of ketones for hours. When you transition to MeTone Life, you’ll graduate to the sustained ketosis needed for long-term benefits. Sustained ketosis occurs when your cells switch their fuel source from carbs to fat and continue using fat as fuel day after day.


Ketones provide a steady, potent, reliable energy that fuels our body for many hours. Glucose provides a spike in energy that only lasts for a short time, followed by a rapid decline in energy when the fuel runs out. Hunger and cravings occur when our energy plummets.


Exogenous ketones are ketone bodies made in a laboratory – instead of ketones produced in your liver. These supplements allow you to feel the benefits of ketones without producing them yourself. Exogenous ketones help you transition from using glucose to using ketones as fuel. Your body will not produce ketones until you use up all the excess glucose. If you eat carbohydrates regularly, your body may not have seen a ketone in years.

Supplementing with exogenous ketones reminds your cells how to use ketones without first lowering your carb-intake. These laboratory-made ketones provide a feeling much like nutritional ketosis. Exogenous ketones boost your energy, improve your mental focus, and suppress your appetite. Exogenous ketones are an excellent way to jumpstart your ketosis diet.

Caution: start slowly, and gradually increase the dose. Diarrhea occurs if you supplement too many laboratory-made ketones at once.


Ketosis removes inflammation from the body in a natural way and gives you the power to live your healthiest, longest and highest functioning life. Ketones are the strongest anti-inflammatory and start working at a microscopic level inside your cells to remove inflammation. Ketones penetrate your cells and rid your body of excess water and inflammation. This decreases bloating and swelling throughout the body. Ketones reduce inflammation an estimated ten times more than prednisone, and over a thousand times more than ibuprofen – all without toxicity. WOW! Read that sentence again. When you produce ketones on a regular basis, it reverses chronic inflammation and prevents conditions brewing deep inside your body that you can’t even feel yet.


Trying to kick a habit? Is one craving after another sabotaging your goals? Cravings happen quickly in a brain full of inflammation. Remove that inflammation and watch what happens. Your cravings decrease, your sleep improves, and your worries lessen. Why? Did your willpower suddenly show up? NO. A swollen brain is an irritable brain. An irritable brain is a relapsing brain. So, get rid of the inflammation and allow your brain to repair.

In order to do this, you must switch the brain’s fuel from glucose to fat. Once this happens, the brain is able to gradually remove the extra water and debris lurking in the addicted brain. Each week your brain feeds off of ketones, a stronger, less twitchy, less moody brain unfolds.

Which means you are less likely to relapse. When you remove the swelling from the brain, you’ll find better sleep, improved memory, fewer cravings, a stable mood and more energy. Ketosis promotes long-term brain repair, rewiring your new habits while burying the old ones. MeTone Life can help an addict’s brain function better than ever.


Ketones suppress our appetite and fuel our body with a steady, potent, reliable level of energy. When our blood chemistry switches from using glucose to producing ketones, the body doesn’t care if the fat making those ketones comes from food or your fat cells. Your body is able to tap into your excess storage of fat only after your body stops fueling with glucose and switches into fueling with ketones.

Once the change in chemistry is made, your body can freely burn your excess fat instead of only storing it. Along with burning excess fat, ketones also get rid of excess water, and help suppress your appetite. Before long, your body won’t ask for food every 3-4 hours. Instead, you’ll gradually transition to eating every 12 and then to every 24 hours – all while maintaining a steady mood and endless energy.

Twelve hours between meals? Sounds impossible until you switch the way you fuel your body. One way to jumpstart the production of ketones is to supplement with exogenous ketones. Once again, your body does not care if those ketones came from a lab, or from burning fat.

Supplement with exogenous ketones, and you will suppress your appetite for the 3-4 hours they last in your blood. Add a scoop of MCT C8:C10 powder and boost your ketones for 6-8 hours. Or keep those carbs less than 20 per day, and you’ll have ketones spilling into your system lasting all day and all night. This will leave your body and mind feeling better than ever.


Ketosis promotes cellular repair and is cheaper and less toxic than prescription medications. Ketosis improves brain function, removes inflammation at the cellular level, promotes weight loss, prevents cancer growth, prevents Alzheimer’s, and reverses heart disease. Ketosis keeps our brains and bodies healthy.


There is no bigger chronic disease than heart disease. What leads to heart disease? Many people still believe that fat plays a huge factor. This is not true. You can’t predict heart disease rates solely on blood cholesterol levels. Two of the greatest predictors of heart disease are your blood sugar and how inflamed your blood vessels are. Ketosis actually takes care of the inflammation of the blood vessels and controls your blood sugar. Want to reduce your risk of a heart attack? Eliminate glucose from your system and shift your blood chemistry to ketosis.


A ketone is an anti-inflammatory molecule that lubricates the tiniest spaces in our joints. Arthritis inflames and destroys our joints through an inflammatory response. Ketones fight against this inflammation. Reversal of arthritis begins when the inflammation fades. Our joints repair once the swelling is gone. The decrease in inflammation leads to less pain and joints that last longer. Ketones reduce inflammation an estimated ten times more than prednisone, and over a thousand times more than ibuprofen – all without toxicity. #PeeAKetone

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