My Anti-Aging Protocol!

As an internal medicine physician, I’ve spent 20+ years watching my patients age and decline. Most of you have seen this in your family… or in yourself. Here are my top 4 steps to reverse this.

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Sleep is the bedrock that your longevity depends on. Quality sleep strengthens your immune system, surges hormones, and promotes a healthy insulin response.

There’s more to quality sleep than putting your head on a pillow for 8 hours. It’s important to give your brain the best opportunity to recover.

That means no alcohol or sweets before bed.

While a glass of wine or an evening dessert is an effective sedative… so is a thwack to the head with a baseball bat.

It looks like sleep. It feels like sleep. But flooding glucose or alcohol into your brain at this critical time mimics a concussion. This “fake” sleep prevents your brain from making repairs needed to ward off Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases.


In addition to eating a ketogenic diet, I fast for 48 hours every week. Here’s why:

In my quest to reverse insulin resistance with healthy keto living, like many of you, I stalled.

Stalling is a natural part of this journey…

But if I hadn’t pushed through, I wouldn’t have repaired my metabolism nearly as effectively.

Fasting is the perfect remedy. In addition to stressing my metabolism, it also ignites autophagy – moving my body to recycle old, damaged, and diseased cells.

There’s a learning curve here. If you want to know the 3 metabolic tests I make patients pass before pushing them to fast, click here:

Flexible Fuel

The human body is designed to burn two fuels: glucose and ketones. If you want to stay sharp in your golden years, it’s important to use the right fuel.

I give my brain the best fuel possible, and science shows that those are ketones. When you suffer from insulin resistance, glucose burns less efficiently as you age. It gets smokey and dirty like a campfire made with damp leaves and sticks.

In this study, you can see that older patients burn less glucose (red) than their younger counterparts.

This results in a gap between the available fuel and the fuel required for optimal brain performance.

The best thing you can do is bridge this gap with ketones (blue).

The patients that supplemented with MCT oil saw their focus improve and dramatically reduced their risk of dementia.


Sauna use is an exercise-mimicking activity that stimulates growth hormone, improves insulin sensitivity, and reduces all-cause mortality.

How your body reacts to the sauna also tells me a lot about your metabolic health.

When your internal body temperature gets too warm, be it from cardio, working in the sun, or using a sauna, it’s the job of your mitochondria to spin energy and burn excess heat.

If your body can’t do this, you die. The faster you respond to the heat and perspire, the more agile your mitochondria are.

It is a sign of health when your mitochondria flex into a higher gear and respond to the increased temperature by sweating!

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