“Now I’m focused on true health!”

Stories of Bravery: Meet Amy

At 63, Amy achieved 100+ pounds of weight loss before shifting to keto to address insulin resistance. “Weight loss was a good first step… now I’m focusing on true health,” Amy says.

After recently completing Dr. Boz’s 21-Day Metabolic Kick program, she’s ready to share her story with YOU to inspire and encourage you on your weight loss journey!

Raised in Dallas, Texas as the youngest of two children, Amy retraces her steps to see where her relationship to food began. 

Hear from Amy herself…

“Our life looked fairly typical and ‘Beaver Cleaver-ish’ on the outside. My parents, an airplane mechanic and an elementary school teacher were hardworking… but inside our house, my parents were not happy. They coped by staying busy. Mom would come home from work and chain smoke while talking on the phone with friends for hours.  Dad would read the paper cover to cover and then watch 2 hours of news each evening. My brother was always the popular kid in school and always had plenty to do and the quietness of the house never seemed to bother him. Me, on the other hand, well, I was always the chubby kid trying to fit in. In about 1st or 2nd grade, I started using food as my comfort. We would get home from school about 30 minutes before Mom. My brother would immediately head outside to play with the neighborhood boys and I would stuff my mouth with as many Little Debbie’s as I could shove in before Mom walked in. She didn’t say much (and she always bought more Little Debbie’s) but the look she gave me let me know that I disappointed her. That began a long history of addictive behavior.

When I was in high school, I found my group- the drama and debate team. They all used drugs and alcohol. My addiction switched during this time… I lost weight because my drug of choice was speed. Boys started to notice me, even my dad told me how nice I looked. All the attention and friend group just solidified my desire to keep using drugs. My drug use got more and more serious and I was a daily addict for the next twelve years. 

I have been on every diet around. In high school, Atkins, after the drug years in early marriage it was Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Calorie restriction. Five years ago I lost 100 pounds on Optavia and became a coach with that program so that I could help others and also protect my own achievement. After losing most of that weight, I found that I loved exercise as my new hobby in place of food. Hiking, biking, pickleball, walking with friends, gym. 

Two years ago, I took a high stress job. My weight started to slowly climb and it scared me. During the same time, my brother died dramatically and suddenly at 62 of a heart attack  while riding his bike to work.  He lived in Ft Lauderdale and rode his bike to work every day- 30 miles round trip. His autopsy showed atherosclerosis. Although he wasn’t overweight and he was very active, he ate like a two year old- his plate was always carbs with a side of carbs!

His death and the slow uptick of my weight led me to research keto. I am starting to understand that the number on the scale is only one part of the story. I want to be truly healthy so I can be and do all that God has for me. I want to help other people understand that its about true health, not just a number on the scale or a jean size. 

The worst day of my life happened when I was 25.  Definitely the black sheep of the family,  I had enrolled and dropped out of college a few times by this point. Now I was working in cringy bars, doing drugs daily with coworkers and customers.  My family and I didn’t speak much but my only brother was getting married. It was a very small wedding and I took the night off to go. I partied all day and ended up needing help to get dressed and to the wedding. I stumbled up to the door of the church just as the wedding was over. I was so ashamed. I wanted to be angry with my family, angry with the guy who drove me to the wedding, angry with my brother for not waiting for me. But I knew. Deep down I knew. It was my fault. I couldn’t handle it. It was the final straw. I was so tired of living. I just wanted to be done with life. 

The best day of my life was the day I fell in love with my husband. Shortly after my brother’s wedding, my parents asked me to move home. I was instantly released from drug addiction. It was a miracle and a gift from God. What was a daily habit was totally gone. I slowly started to rebuild my life and my parents were there for me after being out of the house for over 8 years. My parents were happy together now and were also very supportive of me. I went to church with my mom, got involved in the singles group. That group went on a retreat and Richard and I instantly connected laughing and playing games with the group all evening and then we stayed up all night, lying on a trampoline and talking. I was so happy. I was free from my past, had a close relationship with my family, a growing relationship with God and now a good and godly man in my life. 

I recently participated in the 21 Day Metabolic Kick program to learn more about the program, pitfalls, and science, so I can get healthy myself and help others. I love being a coach (health coach with Optavia for 5 years and now a Christian leadership coach) and am looking forward to being a keto coach of some sort in the future. 

Current support:

My husband and I are doing this together. We have a goal to be like Caleb in the Bible. It talks about him being 85 and full of strength, ready to take on his next assignment. With both of us having a family history of Alzheimer’s/dementia- that’s what we want- to be healthy and vibrant to the end, and help others do the same. 

Health Problems + Meds:

  1. P: HTN, Thyroid, Mental Health, Autoimmune
  2. COVID + Thyroid
  3. Meds: Synthroid, lisinopril

Past Weight Struggles: 

What did you weigh in high school? 

Before drugs- around 175. At the end of my drug abuse, when I moved home with my parents,  I was dangerously low: 85 pounds.

At my heaviest weight, I was 285.

My current weight is around 190, and I recently lost 7.7 pounds with the 21 Day Metabolic Kick program with Dr. Boz! 

My goal weight is 155.

Let’s Talk Keto: 

I have been following Dr Boz for several months, but would consider myself very new in my Keto education. I have listened to some of Dr. Berg and Dr. Hyman’s podcasts as well but have always really resonated with Dr Boz. Her faith and her love of her family and care for her patients.”

To share your own story of bravery, email [email protected]!

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  1. Betty Gaughan Betty Gaughan says:

    Thank you for sharing your story, and congratulations on a new life!❤️

  2. Avatar Melissa Cee says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. Wishing you the very best!

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