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How gummed up with sugar are your blood cells?

Hemoglobin A1C (hbA1c) measures your average blood sugar from the past 3 months. Your red blood cells carry oxygen to your tissues using a protein called Hemoglobin A. The higher your blood glucose, the more glucose sticks to the hemoglobin A1c protein.


 Our RBCs keep a record of your behavior. The answer hides in your red blood cells – specifically, your hemoglobin. A1C measures average blood sugars by detecting the glucose stuck to the hemoglobin protein.  The higher A1C, the more glucose GLYCATED your protein.

Test your hemoglobin A1C to learn your average blood sugar.

3 Simple Steps

Use this test kit to send your red blood cells to the lab. The lab’s analysis of your hemoglobin will show how much sugar stuck to the protein called Hemoglobin A.  

  1. Register your kit with the lab using your email.
  2. Prick your finger and sponge your blood onto the card. Then mail the card to the lab.
  3. Receive your results in the email 7-10 days later.

Improve your average blood glucose with the steps taught in the book ketoCONTINUUM.

This number will save your life.

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    Sharon Sadler (verified owner)

    So happy to report that I am fan of taking these at home tests now thanks to Dr Boz. I love the idea of taking charge of my own health thru the various tests she sells. I got my first A-1c from Keto Con in Orlando this year. I came home and got several family members to purchase the A1C these as well! Great value for the money! Thank you Dr Boz

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