Anyway You Can: A Beginner’s Guide to Ketones For Life – [Hard Cover Edition]

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Doctor Bosworth Shares Her Mom’s Cancer Journey

Annette Bosworth, MD is an award-winning doctor specializing in Internal medicine. Dr. Bosworth’s many press mentions include CNN, Time Magazine, U.S. News, Fox News, and many others. This is her debut book where she shares her personal journey helping her mom fight cancer with the ketogenic diet. She is recognized as an expert in nutrition, exercise, and mental conditioning programs, and works to help patients achieve ketones for life.

“DOC, WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF IT WAS YOU?” Dr. Bosworth captivates us by sharing her personal thoughts in a life or death situation for her mom. As we get a close look into her mistakes and all, she teaches about this interesting molecule called a ketone. The pages keep turning as you wonder what happens next to her mom, “Grandma Rose.” This story of courage, faith, and tenacity inspires young and old readers from all walks of life to reach for better health through ketosis.

“FIGHT IT ANYWAY YOU CAN. Ketones for life.”

Annette Bosworth, MD is an Internal Medicine physician based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, with over two decades of experience helping patients overcome long-term, chronic conditions through lifestyle adjustment, preventive medicine, and other therapeutic paths. She’s been mentioned in media outlets ranging from CNN, Time, US News & World Report, to Fox News. Dr. Bosworth authored the book titled ANYWAY YOU CAN. She shares the medical and emotional struggles of her mom’s struggle with cancer. This book is a must-read for patients suffering from brain-slowing, and chronic diseases. She engages the reader in the first chapter and before you know it, 360 pages have turned.

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  1. Tammie Laubacher LMT

    Tammie Laubacher LMT

    This book has changed my life. I bought this book while I was very sick, my brain was a foggy mess, I was on hand fulls of medication, in heart failure, my body was sick and tired. I knew enough to know my body had had enough. I beat the cancer, but the treatments have taken their toll on me. I was tired. Too tired and foggy to even continue to read this book. So bought the audible version so I could listen OVER AND OVER as my brain could absorb the info. I would listen, then soak in the information, this information went against EVERYTHING I believed in and had been taught in medical classes. So I listened again, processed again, took one more step into this journey. I not only fell in love with the story and the science. But Dr. Boz and Grandma Rose became like family. My heart was vested in the process. As my trust grew, so did my knowledge of understanding this new way of thinking. As I applied every little step to my life, (I didn’t have much to lose), I was dying. I began to see changes. My mind would get a little clearer and I would advance one more step. Little by little, I could see the light. I could feel my body healing. Following Dr Boz and Grandma Rose is not just a love story of a Mother and Daughter, that most could only pray for. It is not just for us survivors fighting cancer. It has become a way of life FOR ALL OF US. A life worth living. A process I will recommend till my last breath. I have my life back, off almost all meds and now 20years cancer free. God is good. And this book IS THE ANSWER MOST OF US PRAYED FOR! Thank you Dr Boz and Grandma Rose. Forever grateful

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