Dr. Boz Keto Combo BHB + MCT Powder – Strawberry Lemonade [233g]


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Dr. Boz Max Strength Keto Combo BHB + MCT Powder

Supplementing with DR.BOZ Max Strength Keto Combo will help you burn fat, turn up your energy, and increase your focus! Let ketones fuel your body. Why doesn’t everyone burn ketones for energy? Because it’s hard to start that “fire.” Light your fire with DR.BOZ Max Strength Keto Combo BHB + MCT C8:C10 Powder.

LASTING ENERGY – The BHB adds ketones to your circulation within as little as 15 minutes and lasts for 2-4 hours. The C8:C10 MCT takes 30-45 minutes to absorb and arrive within your liver. From there your liver’s mitochondria churn out ketones for up to eight hours.  Mixing the BHB with the C8:C10 MCT is the perfect formula for sustained, smart energy.

QUALITY – Our product excels because we use the best ingredients. Our formula contains the highest quality BHB salts (beta-hydroxybutyrate) and the two medium-chain triglycerides with the best evidence for improved health n- C8 & C10. It’s the perfect antidote if you ate too many carbs, or you are trying to train your system to use ketones routinely. Dr. Boz Max Strength Keto Combo’s high-quality, lab-tested, precisely measured supplements deliver QUALITY every time.

SIMPLICITY –  Mix with water or your favorite drink. DR.BOZ Keto BHB + MCT powder dissolves with no grit, no chalk, and no aftertaste.  Because our product is so versatile, you can add it to your favorite drink or shake.

MADE IN THE USA – Our high-quality, lab-tested, and precisely measured keto supplements are sourced and manufactured in the USA at an NSF & GMP certified facility. With DR.BOZ Keto BHB, you are promoting US businesses and supporting the innovation that fuels elite athletes, weekend warriors, and health-conscious people like you, so order yours today.