Dr. Boz Max Strength Keto BHB Powder [Mexican Chocolate Spice – 20 Sachets]

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Dr. Boz Max Strength Keto BHB

Pour in the energy with Dr. Boz Max Strength Keto BHB! Ketones fuel your body. Why doesn’t everyone burn ketones for energy? Because it’s hard to start that “fire.” Light your fire with Dr. Boz Keto supplements and burn stored fat as fuel. This means: Burn KETONES. Losing weight is easy once you burn ketones for fuel so let us help you start that fire with Dr. Boz Keto BHB. Our Mexican Chocolate Spice is made with real cocoa powder delivers on taste. Use in water, coffee, or blend with ice.

It takes days to switch your body from burning glucose to ketones. Keto-adaptation happens after weeks of circulating ketones. Transitioning to keto-life is awesome once you get past the fatigue, brain fog, flu-symptoms, and weakness. Speed this transition up and cut down on those symptoms. Cut that time down to minutes with our premium formula. Skip feeling like a zombie and enjoy the energy that comes with active ketones in your blood.

LASTING ENERGYExogenous ketones can dramatically increase your energy at any time of the day. No jitters, heart pounding, or nausea. Dr. Boz Keto BHB powers your cells for instant physical and mental improvement.

QUALITY – Our formula contains the highest quality BHB salts (beta-hydroxybutyrate). It’s the perfect antidote to a hangover. It also helps get past the transition if you ate too many carbs.

SIMPLICITY – Mix with water or your favorite drink. Dr. Boz Keto BHB powder dissolves with no grit, no chalk, and no aftertaste.

MADE IN THE USA – Our high quality, lab-tested, and precisely measured keto supplements are sourced and manufactured in the USA at an NSF & GMP certified facility. With Dr. Boz Keto BHB, you are promoting US businesses and supporting the innovation that fuels elite athletes, weekend warriors, and health-conscious people like you.