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Dr. Boz MCT Oil C8:C10 Softgels [Keto MCT Oil softgel – 330 Count]


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KETONES MADE THE MITOCHONDRIAL WAY: We use the best fat found in coconuts: C8 & C10. These perfect fats provide the quick ketone energy. THESE SPECIAL FATS slips into your circulation through the portal vein. Fast natural ketone-energy. START with one softgel a day. Slowly build towards 3 softgels twice daily for natural ketones. C8:C10 MCT Oil converts to ketones in minutes.



Ketone production starts with Dr.Boz C8:C10 SOFTGELS. Our SOFTGELS carefully extracts from 100% pure coconut oil, not palm oil. Dr.Boz C8 [CAPRYLIC ACID]:C10 [CAPRIC ACID] Softgels for natural ketosis. START with one softgel a day. Slowly build towards 3 softgels twice daily.* Take C8:C10 MCT to advance your body’s natural ketone production. C8:C10 MCT OIL converts to ketones within minutes. MCT OILs and POWDERS created unequally. Use MCT C8: C10 powder to boost your ketone production. This healthy way to promote your ketone production also reduces inflammation.


If you are new to keto-eating, you may not have heard of these three magical letters: MCT. MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides. MCT supplements deliver the fats that your body converts into ketones. MCTs produce ketones in a flash. For fast ketone production, use MCT C8: C10. These special C8 & C10 fats slide through your small intestine wall. C8 & C10 need NO bile acid or any pancreatic enzymes for absorption. C8 & C10 diffuse straight into the liver. Within 30 minutes, your liver’s mitochondria produce abundant, natural ketones. Your liver will churn out ketones for up to 5 hours. C8:C10 feed the perfect fat to your liver for hours of freshly made ketones. Increase ketones pumping through your veins. Higher blood ketones switch cells from burning glucose to burning ketones as their fuel. Convert more cells into burning ketones to advance and strengthen your metabolism.