Dr. Boz Vitamin D Test - At Home Vitamin D Level Test Kit - [2 Tests]

Dr. Boz Vitamin D Test – At Home Vitamin D Level Test Kit – [2 Tests]

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Do you have Vitamin D Deficiency? Find out with Dr. Boz’s At Home Vitamin D Test Kit.

Sunlight is necessary for our body to make Vitamin D naturally. But most of us don’t spend hours in the sun each day. As we spend more time inside, tracking Vitamin D levels is more important than ever. Once you know your blood level, you will know if your diet and lifestyle are able to maintain a desirable level of Vitamin D. Find out your Vitamin D levels with Dr. Boz’s Vitamin D test.

Why Measure Vitamin D?

Every cell of our body depends on signals from vitamin D. Vitamin D should be called a hormone, not a vitamin. Low levels of vitamin D cause short and long-term health problems. It plays a major role in the daily function of our bodies on a cellular level. From brain to bowels to immunity, Vitamin D is crucial to our health.  

Benefits of proper Vitamin D levels:

Vitamin D is essential for life. Our bodies use it to build and maintain strong bones, target infections, repair cells, and think more clearly. But that’s not all. Every cell in our body has receptors for vitamin D, meaning it can affect virtually everything that happens inside our cells. Research shows that people with higher blood levels of vitamin D live better for longer, with immune and cardiovascular systems that function stronger.

Two Tests, One Kit.

Dr. Boz wants you to know your vitamin D and IMPROVE it.  Our testing kit includes everything you need for TWO tests of Vitamin D.  The prepaid shipping label included with the test makes it easy to send your sample to the lab for analysis. Once completed, you will receive easy-to-understand results. If you are in the normal range, congratulations!  Use the second kit to retest in several months OR share that second kit with a friend. You may be saving their life. If your vitamin D is not in the normal range, CHANGE.  From supplements to sun exposure, you can change your vitamin D levels … and boy OH boy – does it matter!  Until now, you were missing access to check your own Vitamin D. Now you can! Take control of your health. Know your levels and start living a more healthy life.