ketoCONTINUUM Map + Dr. Boz Good, Better, BEST Food Guide

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Good, Better, BEST Food Guide

(Pocket Booklet and Magnet)




2-Sided Durable Magnet: This DOUBLE SIDED magnet delivers the Good, Better, BEST food guide on ONE SIDE and the ketoCONTINUUM map on the other.

Beginners LOVE the Food Guide

Good, Better, BEST Food Guide: Pocket Booklet & Fridge Chart

Learning what to eat on keto diet is not difficult. It is DIFFERENT. Dr. Boz designed this food guide to help move your choices from Good to Better to BEST. The Dr. Boz Food Guide educates when and where beginners need it most: when opening the fridge and when shopping or eating out.

Take this 4 x 5.5 inch, handy pocket guide with you to the market or restaurant. Use the 28 pages of Good, Better, & BEST foods to walk you through smart choices.

Use the FRIDGE MAGNET to post those smart choices to your fridge. When starting (or restarting) keto, PAUSE and look at this each time you go to the fridge.

We printed these guides on water-resistant, non-tearable, synthetic paper for maximum durability. These tools will last through your learning curve. When you master this information, pass the booklet to a friend and FLIP OVER THE MAGNET.

Struggling students LOVE the ketoCONTINUUM Map


Keto is a CONTINUUM. The book ketoCONTINUUM shares David’s story of his ketogenic journey. He started with a mess of a metabolism. David progressed along the ketoCONTINUUM map and morphed his metabolism in to the healthiest it had ever been.

Find your place on the ketoCONTINUUM and map where to go next to break through a stall or reverse a bad habit.

We printed this 11 X 8.5 inch magnet on a durable, non-tearable material often used for menus. The strong magnet binds to fridges and also doubles as a desk-mat. Write on it with dry-erase markers and use it to help you navigate to your BEST HEALTH.