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[This product is for keto-adapted customers.]


I am an internal medicine physician who prescribes a ketogenic diet. Many patients with longstanding chronic illnesses needed supplemental ketones to start their transition toward strong metabolic health. I entered the keto commercial market after becoming frustrated by the oscillating quality of ketones and the outrageous price. Our Dr. Boz formula used powdered ketones and minimal additional ingredients leaving room for the most important one: ketones. We satisfied consumers’ pallets, pocketbooks, and blood ketone levels. Our formula tasted great and delivered substantial blood ketones. 

New keto-converts enjoyed a revived metabolism and improved energy. As these customers successfully keto-adapted, their taste buds changed. Our original BHB formula for Dr. Boz Dutch Chocolate, Raspberry Lemonade, and Mexican Chocolate Spice now tasted too sweet and overpowered their adapted taste buds. Sour tastes became more pleasing. Our customers diluted the drinks to diminish the sweetness but inadvertently decreased the ketones. That’s when I found this solution: Liquid BHB.


PUCKER UP! is our product line of liquid BHB. PUCKER UP! Clear adds one ingredient: liquid KETONES. Nothing else.

It delivers ketones and a tart taste.



This means: Burn KETONES. Losing weight is easy once you burn ketones for fuel. Let us help keep that fire burning with the fastest, purest ketones: PUCKER UP! Clear 

Find higher ketones circulating within 5 minutes using this supplement. 


ENERGY – Exogenous ketones dramatically increase your energy at any time of the day. No jitters, heart pounding, or nausea. PUCKER UP! Clear powers your cells for instant physical and mental improvement.

SIMPLICITY –  There is one ingredient: Ketones. [Beta-HydroxyButyric Acid] Liquid KETONES. Nothing else. 

TASTE: It’s called PUCKER UP! for a reason. Liquid BHB tastes like an extreme lemon. 


Other products add flavors, salts, and powders to suppress the sour taste. Unfortunately, those additives influence your metabolism. So stick with straight ketones: PUCKER UP! Clear 

Your palate changes as you spend more seasons in a state of ketosis. Sweet tastes become overpowering and sour tastes become more palatable. When supplementing with other ketone-based drinks, the sweetness became offensive. That’s why I started with one ingredient: liquid ketones. Nothing else. Use this with other products to add ketones without extra sweeteners, salts, or flavors. Eventually, titrate to just “lemon” water made with PUCKER UP! Clear and water. 


If you’ve fallen off the keto wagon with a binge of carbohydrates, transition back to ketosis by adding PUCKER UP! Clear to your liquids. Cut that time down to minutes with PUCKER UP! Clear.

Clear out the noise in your brain, find your flow, and add ketones.


It’s the perfect antidote to a hangover. 

MIX with water for a powerful surge of ketones. This intense sour taste of lemon will rock your taste buds – and awaken your mitochondria. No grit, no chalk, and no aftertaste. 

Alternatively, use PUCKER UP! Clear to increase the ketone content of other supplements. 

MADE IN THE USA – Sourced and manufactured in the USA at an NSF & GMP certified facility, DR.BOZ PUCKER UP! Clear delivers high-quality, lab-tested, precisely measured ketones. With all DR.BOZ products, you’re promoting US businesses and supporting the innovation that fuels health-conscious people like you.

FDA Disclaimer – These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. DR.BOZ’s PUCKER UP! Clear is a high-quality, lab-tested, precisely measured keto supplement sourced and manufactured in the USA at an FDA-registered, NSF & GMP certified facility.


15 reviews for PUCKER UP!! Clear

  1. Shirley Wilkinson (verified owner)

    Dr. Boz, WOW I love the taste of Pucker UP. It is just the right taste for me! I mixed a whole vial with crushed ice and 12 oz of water. I re-filled my glass during the hour. so a total of 16 oz of water
    I had finished my second meal !:30 in a 4-hour time frame. I tested my numbers at 3:51 109/1.0 = DBR 109 and at 5:05 pm 91/1.4 = DBR 65
    I will test again at 6:05 pm. Dr. Boz this Pucker up is a winner. Thank you

  2. Sue Monroe (verified owner)

    I was excited to try this product! I woke up and took my numbers at 7:45am. BK 0.6. I mixed 1 ampoule with 12oz of cold water as directed and drank it down on an empty stomach. I liked the taste. It had a slight tartness to it, but not too lemony or tart for me. Did not upset my stomach at all. I waited 15 min and retested ketones. I was shocked! They doubled to 1.2 in 15 min. I retested again 30 min later and my ketones were up to 1.8. I checked 1 hr after consuming and ketones had fallen back to 1.0. This definitely raises ketones immediately. I will be buying more to use for those struggle moments.

  3. Karen Lee Edwards (verified owner)

    I received my Pucker Up!! Clear today. I am in the midst of a 72 hour fast. (I woke up to high blood sugar numbers because of a virus I am fighting.). I added one vial of Pucker Up to the existing BHB drink I had on the go. Before drinking this 100% liquid ketone supplement, my blood glucose (BG) number was 79. My blood ketone (BK) number was 3.7 for a DBR of 21. One and a half hours later – BG: 69 BK: 4.7 for a DBR of 15!!! Dr. Boz, this product is a god send! I have been working of correcting Insulin Resistance for awhile. I am so confident I will be able to correct much easier! My body tolerates stevia but the sweetness acts as a trigger for carb craving. That will no longer be an issue. The sweetness of the flavoured your BHB products is lowered substantially! In fact there was no real sweet taste just a nice slightly tart flavour. WELL DONE! You have all our best interests at heart! Wishing you continued success! You are my favourite!

  4. PAULA CRINKLAW (verified owner)

    I love the taste. No sour or bitter taste at all. I was 42 hours into my fast, ketones were 1.9, b/s 96, gki 2.9, Boz score 53.3. Took 1/2 ampule of Pucker Up and in 30 minutes ketones were 3.7, b/s 85 gki 2.1 Boz number 22.9. Awsome! The ample difficult to open, cut with scissors. I will be using Pucker Up regularly. Thanks.

  5. paulette hasty (verified owner)

    love pucker up – add to sparkling water or unswt tea. don’t have a ketone tester, but does help to bring down glucose numbers ???? also, seems to curb appetite. ty!

  6. Michele Keller (verified owner)

    Love this product. Love the flavor! I have been healing really bad gut issues and I used this and the BHB product and was able to complete a workout I had previously not been able to do because my muscles felt too weak. Can we use the everyday? Love it!

  7. Theresa stockrahm (verified owner)

    I received my Pucker Up yesterday and could not wait to try it out. I have to tell you the taste is fabulous. I was a bit nervous, but I really got to say it tasted so good. Dr. Boz your husband is going to have to take back what he said about no one liking it. I also took my glucose and ketones before I drank it. Glucose was 72 and ketones were 3.2. I was 20 hours into my fast. I probably did not need to take this, but I had already fixed my drink before I tested. It took close to an hour for me to drink it because I was busy on a project. But one hour later my Glucose was 63 and my Ketones were 4.7, WoW! I will be keeping this product in my pantry. Thank you Dr. Boz for creating such a wonderful tasting product. I also love Keto Combo, have purchased 8 bags. I am going to miss this product and wish you could find a way to keep it around. I found you when I was listening to a podcast from Dr. Mindy. I am very thankful and look forward to your Tuesday night teachings. I have read both of your books. Thank you, thank you for all that you do.

  8. Christine Plaza (verified owner)

    Super ketones. I use it with sparkling water or the strawberry lemonade and it’s perfect taste. I had low ketones before .40, drank it and work outside in 30 degree weather from 5am to 10. Check my ketones they bumped up to .70, which is ok I was using my ketones we were working in the yard and walking in snow. I had alot of energy !
    Even had another and went back to do another 4 hours of cleaning the forest of down trees!
    I use it at work if I need to focus on a heavy project for clear mental focus.

  9. Will Frederickson (verified owner)

    Tastes great in carbonated water! It lasts longer than other exogenous ketones! I don’t know why but it does for me anyway.

  10. Wendy Devlin (verified owner)

    I love the sour taste of Pucker Up! It is my favorite ketone supplement now. I usually add to mineral water and for a treat I add to a Monster in the white can.I feel very clear and focused after taking. My energy level very high.

  11. Tamara Postlethwaite (verified owner)

    Pucker Up works! I have tested it twice now. I put it in 14 oz of plain water. I really liked the taste. It was slightly sour but so much better than overly sweetened products. I have been on keto for almost 3 years now so do not prefer sweet anymore. I tested my numbers the first time December 8 – Before taking (Glucose 85 Ketones .7 DBR 121) at 30 minutes(Glucose 97 Ketones 2.3 DBR 42), 60 minutes(Glucose 93 Ketones 1.9 DBR 49), and 90 minutes(Glucose 83 Ketones 1.3 DBR 64). Today December 20 – Before taking (Glucose 94 Ketones .5 DBR 188) at 30 minutes(Glucose 96 Ketones 1.8 DBR 53) and 60 minutes(Glucose 90 Ketones 1.2 DBR 75). I highly recommend this product, especially for those who need constant ketones for brain or other healing.

  12. Deborah Nelson (verified owner)

    I’m back for more PUCKER UP! after trying it out and falling in love with the tart lemony flavor. I prefer PUCKER UP! in Pellegrino sparkling water or in tea. My brain just works better when I’m in ketosis, but sometimes I need the help of a supplement to get the ketones flowing. I was so pleased when Dr. Boz announced that she was producing a BHB supplement without any other ingredients since I like to keep my diet as clean as possible. Thanks Dr. Boz.

  13. Tom Garter

    When I tried Pucker Up! it tasted very sour, but not too sour. I liked it. I tested my ketones before and after. They went up.

  14. Theresa Kennedy (verified owner)

    Oh my PUCKER UP – I Luv It! Not being a sweets person, the tart taste is very much appreciated! Even adding it to existing Dr Boz BHB flavors, creates a much more enjoyable keto taste experience. The clear ketones concept is also amazing, as I am healing my Insulin Resistance , I get a much better Ketone response from this product, or by adding it to the other Dr Boz BHB flavors – THANK-YOU!

  15. Becky Thompson (verified owner)


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