The Consistently Keto – Fasting Bonus Video

Dr. Boz says the Fasting Lecture is, “My best lecture so far!”

After completing the core curriculum for Consistently Keto, this video pulls all the education together.  Learn the science behind fasting and what it does for those who practice ketosis.

Dr Boz wraps the key points about fasting into one solid lecture. She compares the fasted state of those who are lean and fit to those who are obese.  Finally, she adds in the benefits of fasting from a state of ketosis.

This lecture adds the greatest value to folks who have completed the core curriculum. In fact, Dr Boz will not open this lecture to the casual student. You must first complete the core curriculum before this video will unlock.  Enjoy Dr Boz’s favorite lecture to an audience that will absorb the content.

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The Consistently Keto - Core Curriculum