BRAINS: From Trauma To Repair

Course Curriculum

Intro to Course

1 Lessons

Module - 1 [SWS]

3 Lessons
Watch Video 1.1 [1:38]
Test your knowledge on Slow Wave Sleep 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 1.2 [39:06]
Homework 10 points 6268000m
Sleep Assessment 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 1.3 [12:33]

Module - 2 [BDNF]

2 Lessons
Watch Video 2.1 [1:46]
Test your knowledge on BDNF 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 2.2 [32: 02]

Module - 3 [SWB Function]

3 Lessons
Watch Video 3.1 [1:12]
Test your Knowledge on SWB Function 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 3.2 [38:44]
Answer this Question for 3 bonus points. 3 points 6268000m
Watch Video 3.3 [3:27]

Module - 4 [Approved Assessments]

1 Lessons
Watch Video 4. Approved Assessments [11:37]
Approved Assessment 10 points 6268000m

Module - 5 [Hippocampus]

3 Lessons
Watch Video 5.1 [4:12]
Assess your Brain 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 5.2 [23:37]
Test your knowledge on Hippocampus 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 5.3 [34:33]

Module - 6 [Brain & Trauma]

2 Lessons
Watch Video 6.1 [1:08]
Test your knowledge on Teenage Brain & Trauma 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 6.2 and Follow Along [17:27]

Module - 7 [Alcohol & the Brain]

2 Lessons
Watch Video 7.1 [1:14]
Test your knowledge on Alcohol & the Brain. 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 7.2 [26:48]

Module - 8 [FAS]

2 Lessons
Watch Video 8.1 [1:05]
Test your knowledge on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 8.2 [30:37]

Module - 9 [Marijuana]

2 Lessons
Watch Video 9.1 [1:45]
Test your knowledge on Marijuana 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 9.2 [38:57]

Module - 10 [Prescription Drugs]

3 Lessons
Watch Video 10.1 [00:52]
Test your knowledge on Prescription Drugs 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 10.2 [16:40]
Test your knowledge on Chronic Alcoholic 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 10.3 [5:38]

Module - 11 [Bonus Module]

2 Lessons
Watch Video 11.1 [3:13]
City Council 75 points 6268000m
Watch Video 11.2 [11:54]



  1. Gain knowledge about the human brain: how it grows, how it is injured, how it repairs and how it fails to repair. 
  2. Collaborate with group members and share past experiences related to injured brains. Participant’s past duties as administrators, teachers, parents, law enforcement agents, clergy, health care providers, and counselors cross educate through their experiences. The collaboration strengthens understanding of local resources and the skills within different professions in the community. 
  3. Learn how brains are injured and what are the first steps to repairing an injured brain. 
  4. Gain knowledge on health, behavioral, and psychological risks associated with drug use. 
  5. Assess their own brains and through sleep, meditation, and other activities.  
  6. Empower participants to use their educated voices within their communities.



Participants will be able to identify and discuss:

  1. General scientific accepted facts on the continuum of substance use versus abuse
  2. The types and effects of depressant abuse
  3. The types and effects of stimulant abuse
  4. The types and effects of hallucinogen abuse
  5. Age, gender, and cultural differences related to the substance of choice.


Participants will be able to identify:

  1. The parts of the brain and their functions
  2. The parts of the neuron and their functions
  3. The human condition, drugs, and neuro-adaptation


Participants will be able to identify and discuss:

  1. Recognize behaviors the impede brain healing
  2. List symptoms caused by brain swelling
  3. Name the three major categories of drugs and how they impact the brain
  4. Understand what adds risk to the developing brain
  5. Their own brain development and where they may have had ideal or less than ideal brain maturation. 


By the end of the workshop, participants will develop the first phase of a treatment plan for chronic alcoholism.  This citizen is cycling through the criminal justice system due to recurrent alcohol addiction.  The participants will be able to: 

  1. Think through the policies needed for recovery of a brain injury.
  2. Defend their choice in the policy over other good choices. 
  3. Identify resources that accurately and efficiently assess the levels of brain repair needed. 

About the Instructor

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Based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Annette Bosworth, MD is an Internal Medicine physician with over 19 years of experience helping patients overcome long-term, chronic conditions through lifestyle adjustment, preventive medicine, and other therapeutic paths. She's been mentioned in media outlets ranging from CNN, Time, US News & World Report, to Fox News. In addition to medicine, she loves speaking at town halls, jails, churches and universities. From politics to mission work, she lets her faith lead her to the next chapter of life-always looking for teachable moments. Along with her husband, she savors the adventure of raising three energetic, fast-growing sons through debate, wrestling, music, and theater. She fights for the underdog, and encourages patients with chronic health problems to "Fight it ANYWAY YOU CAN. Ketones for Life."
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Course Reviews

Richardson Sanya
Richardson Sanya
4 months ago
Outside the Box

Dr. Boz, thank you so much for thinking outside of the box and empowering all of us to help you change the health of the world. Just this morning, in the second Brains group I am leading, we were talking about how the Brains: Trauma to Repair information should be taught in schools. Can you imagine the lives that would be saved, repaired, or even spared the ruin of drugs, alcohol, carbs, malnutrition, and poor sleep?

My ultimate dream is to collaborate with physicians, teachers, parents, neighbors, leaders, family and friends in my community to get this information on ultimate brain health into the hands of everyone. We all need the knowledge to live our best lives in this beautiful world. If we change the fabric of the communities in which we live, these methods will become the new norm in all of our circles. That is how we will ROCK our Brains and stay Consistently Keto. Let's do this!

Kimberly Powers
Kimberly Powers
4 months ago
Learned so much!

This course was amazing! I learned so much about how to take care of my brain and what to do to repair any problems I may have created with my lifestyle. I was fortunate enough to lead a group of 24 other people through this course. We all had so much fun working together every week to figure out the "wrong" answers and often times were very surprised at what we found out. Dr. Boz made this course engaging and fun with the competition and story telling. Now that we have completed the course we are all looking for ways to lead our own families and communities through it.

James Metcalfe
James Metcalfe
5 months ago
From Trauma to Repair the Brain

I found that many persons who should take this course are those who think that it doesn't apply to them. I was in that group. Others who have suffered with Trauma will KNOW that it applies to them. But I found from the very first Module to the last one that both groups have "brains" that need help. It begins with an understanding of how the brain actually cleans itself at night with Slow Wave Sleep (SWS). We need SWS to repair the brain and requires 7 to 8 hours of sleep. The author then moves on to the role of the Hypothalamus to show its role in memory and emotions. She provides much reference material in Bibliographies with convenient links to them. Dr. Bozworth then adds modules that cover the various addictions and their treatment. The author/doctor then culminates a case study that requires collaboration. Combine the previous benefits with the developer's in-depth understanding and humility, I found the course to be an inspiration and important educational experience for the reader.

Tammie Laubacher LMT
Tammie Laubacher LMT
5 months ago
Hope for us all!!!

Wow!! Just amazed at the level of help Dr Boz is sharing. To learn there is hope to heal our brains from all of the trauma we all have endured at one time or another.. from life traumas as a child, witnessing horrible abuse, being held up with a gun as a child... to having prescription narcotics and numerous toxins from chemo.... to KNOW steps I can take to repair this damage is just amazing! So grateful to have learned all of this from dr Boz... her teaching is top notch... her heart for what she does shines through as always. Thank you again Dr Boz. You have truly changed my life. This course is so worth every penny!! We can now help so many people in our communities. Paying it forward every chance I get.

Laurie Hayzlett
Laurie Hayzlett
5 months ago

Dr Bosworth is an incredible educator. I will never forget the stories she shared. I look forward to sharing what I have learned with others who are interested in helping repair brains in a sustainable and meaningful way. Again, if you have the chance to take a class with Dr. Bosworth, it is worth every penny.

Patricia G Spielberg
Patricia G Spielberg
5 months ago
Brains from Trauma to Repair

I found this course very helpful. I thought the handouts were curious and helpful once I mastered how to do them.

Personally I ended up with some technical questions about the assessment and also how head injuries impact older brains.

I thought the final section on the city council piece was particularly helpful. I would want it to be available to any community that is struggling with widespread problems with addiction and drug and alcohol issues.

I took the course because of my personal issues and traumatic background. Trauma and brain issues are rife in my family so it is not just for myself but to better understand what might help the younger members of my family.

Fien Cnudde
Fien Cnudde
5 months ago
A natural born teacher!

I really loved the course! Dr Boz is a natural born teacher!!! I love listening to her voice, enthousiasm, stories, conversations with her kids, jokes, …
What a well build course … with tests … and different sections … it really helps focussing and dealing with it more intensely…
I’m very gratefull for the assessment and the evaluation dr Boz did with specific advice for me personally.
I told my family and friends about the importance of sleep and ordered some extra darkening curtains for my bedroom.
It gives me hope that there is so much that a good and well informed doctor can do to help this worldwide problem of addiction that causes so much harm to mankind.

kathleen fitzgerald
kathleen fitzgerald
5 months ago
Brains Course: Review

Both my intuition and trust in Dr. Bozworth, played a big part in my taking this course, at this time. I am currently taking graduate classes toward becoming a nurse educator, as well as working in a cardiac unit providing bedside patient care including open-heart surgical discharges and congestive heart failure education.
This course has been pivotal to both personal and professional development. Personally, I maintain ketogenic adaptation to combat insulin resistance that contributed to inflammation and several autoimmune conditions. I recognize the link of inflammatory processes to both the local and global health crisis of chronic disease. Since experiencing the benefits of ketogenic adaptation, the hardest/saddest thing for me to do, at work, is presenting the mainstream teaching programs recommending the low salt, low fat diets toward optimal health. I feel disheartened as well, when passing medications, sensing that I could contribute to a patient's knowledge base and health management, but realizing the information would conflict/confuse patients' and practitioners' plan of care. I'm the BSN and not the MD.
So, specifically, this course has gifted me on three levels...
1. It has given me the knowledge and tools, to use personally to
upgrade cognitive performance toward achieving goals/dreams.

2. It has given me a knowledge base toward healing, that I can ethically
share within my bedside patient teachings, including emphasis on
sleep, meditative technique and exercises that improve cognition.
Also, a way to reference Dr. Boz as a wonderful link, expert and
champion of brain health information.

3. And, as invited by Dr. Bozworth, I plan to begin presenting the Brains
course curriculum via Zoom and in-person gatherings. Many
supportive friends are willing and so interested in this content and I
will appreciate their feedback as my presentation skills grow. My
presentations will be heart-felt. Additionally, Dr. Bozworth's evidence-
based teaching techniques, successful use of team learning and
story-telling to emphasize key concepts, have impacted me as a
developing educator. I continue to identify groups that would find this
course content relevant, from family member groups, senior care-
givers, nursing facility administration, coworkers, my son's college
sportcoaches, my keto meet-up group,
my young adult children, social workers dealing in foster care,
educators, village and school boards and perhaps nursing educators
within my university.

Dr. Boz has assembled important, empowering evidence-based content. She has encouraged this class to share the content of the course. And she has moved me to advocacy through her extraordinary faith, spirit, determination and a deep feeling of connection.

Thank you for both a satisfying experience and an extraordinary mission.
Kathy Fitzgerald

Christine Knopf
Christine Knopf
5 months ago
Chris K.

Dr. Boz is the real deal. I was initially hesitant to invest in an online version of the brains course, but it turned out to be the best learning experience ever. There is so much information and I often felt the need to go back and watch complex sections multiple times. Dr. Boz speaks to the needs of anyone struggling to heal their brain and to the future of the medical profession.

Claire LaNoue
Claire LaNoue
5 months ago
Thank you

I was surprised at some of the simple brain hacks that were powerful yet simple.

I have started a small class with friends who are all grandparents. I will also share this material with my children and my church. In this modern world we all need brain healing. I'm glad to have this knowledge to help myself and others.

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