BRAINS: From Trauma To Repair

Course Curriculum

Intro to Course

1 Lessons
Intro to Course [16:28] 10 points

Module - 1 [SWS]

3 Lessons
Watch Video 1.1 [1:38]
Test your knowledge on Slow Wave Sleep 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 1.2 [39:06]
Homework 10 points 6268000m
Sleep Assessment 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 1.3 [12:33]

Module - 2 [BDNF]

2 Lessons
Watch Video 2.1 [1:46]
Test your knowledge on BDNF 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 2.2 [32: 02]

Module - 3 [SWB Function]

3 Lessons
Watch Video 3.1 [1:12]
Test your Knowledge on SWB Function 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 3.2 [38:44]
Answer this Question for 3 bonus points. 3 points 6268000m
Watch Video 3.3 [3:27]

Module - 4 [Approved Assessments]

1 Lessons
Watch Video 4. Approved Assessments [11:37]
Approved Assessment 10 points 6268000m

Module - 5 [Hippocampus]

3 Lessons
Watch Video 5.1 [4:12]
Assess your Brain 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 5.2 [23:37]
Test your knowledge on Hippocampus 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 5.3 [34:33]

Module - 6 [Brain & Trauma]

2 Lessons
Watch Video 6.1 [1:08]
Test your knowledge on Teenage Brain & Trauma 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 6.2 and Follow Along [17:27]

Module - 7 [Alcohol & the Brain]

2 Lessons
Watch Video 7.1 [1:14]
Test your knowledge on Alcohol & the Brain. 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 7.2 [26:48]

Module - 8 [FAS]

2 Lessons
Watch Video 8.1 [1:05]
Test your knowledge on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 8.2 [30:37]

Module - 9 [Marijuana]

2 Lessons
Watch Video 9.1 [1:45]
Test your knowledge on Marijuana 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 9.2 [38:57]

Module - 10 [Prescription Drugs]

3 Lessons
Watch Video 10.1 [00:52]
Test your knowledge on Prescription Drugs 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 10.2 [16:40]
Test your knowledge on Chronic Alcoholic 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 10.3 [5:38]

Module - 11 [Bonus Module]

2 Lessons
Watch Video 11.1 [3:13]
City Council 75 points 6268000m
Watch Video 11.2 [11:54]



  1. Gain knowledge about the human brain: how it grows, how it is injured, how it repairs and how it fails to repair. 
  2. Collaborate with group members and share past experiences related to injured brains. Participant’s past duties as administrators, teachers, parents, law enforcement agents, clergy, health care providers, and counselors cross educate through their experiences. The collaboration strengthens understanding of local resources and the skills within different professions in the community. 
  3. Learn how brains are injured and what are the first steps to repairing an injured brain. 
  4. Gain knowledge on health, behavioral, and psychological risks associated with drug use. 
  5. Assess their own brains and through sleep, meditation, and other activities.  
  6. Empower participants to use their educated voices within their communities.



Participants will be able to identify and discuss:

  1. General scientific accepted facts on the continuum of substance use versus abuse
  2. The types and effects of depressant abuse
  3. The types and effects of stimulant abuse
  4. The types and effects of hallucinogen abuse
  5. Age, gender, and cultural differences related to the substance of choice.


Participants will be able to identify:

  1. The parts of the brain and their functions
  2. The parts of the neuron and their functions
  3. The human condition, drugs, and neuro-adaptation


Participants will be able to identify and discuss:

  1. Recognize behaviors the impede brain healing
  2. List symptoms caused by brain swelling
  3. Name the three major categories of drugs and how they impact the brain
  4. Understand what adds risk to the developing brain
  5. Their own brain development and where they may have had ideal or less than ideal brain maturation. 


By the end of the workshop, participants will develop the first phase of a treatment plan for chronic alcoholism.  This citizen is cycling through the criminal justice system due to recurrent alcohol addiction.  The participants will be able to: 

  1. Think through the policies needed for recovery of a brain injury.
  2. Defend their choice in the policy over other good choices. 
  3. Identify resources that accurately and efficiently assess the levels of brain repair needed. 

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Course Reviews

Melissa Steptoe
Melissa Steptoe
1 month ago
Revolutionary and worth every penny!

I prayed and contemplated about 2 months before officially committing to taking the Brain's course. I was unsure if this course could help our family as 4 out of 5 have ADHD. I needed help to know is there ANYTHING I can do or implement to help them repair/heal/function as normally as possible. Dr. Boz's Brain's Course delivered!!! I have at least 2 pages full of notes including but not limited to be in ketosis, vitamin levels, forms of exercise, SLEEP and how important it is, stable routines, decrease blue light, etc. I'm serious, my list goes on and on even though the focus was not ADHD. I trust as God gives me the opportunity to share with others what I have learned in this AMAZING course, it will be a blessing!

As part of purchasing the course, I got to ask Dr. Boz her questions which was just fabulous! She was incredibly knowledgeable, and compassionate.

Dr. Annette Bosworth, God has used you mightily in my family's life and mine! God bless you and guide you in His calling and your purpose.

JulieAnn Stone Ryan
JulieAnn Stone Ryan
1 month ago
January 1, 2023 - Thanks to Dr. Annette Bosworth MD for tools for Brains & Health

Happy New Year 2023 - Always a time to start fresh with Dr. Boz!

JulieAnn Stone Ryan
JulieAnn Stone Ryan
1 month ago
Dr. Annette Bosworth MD - I’m grateful for your course - BRAINS From Trauma to Repair

I took the brains course last year, and I reviewed it again this year, and I will review it again and again. It has been transformational in changing the direction of my health, and my thinking, as far as what will help the brain to heal. I’ve been telling other people about it, and I cannot say enough good about this course. I applaud Dr Boz for her concern and care for men and women and the business model, which shows not only scientific acumen, but also personal compassion, and a strong faith that she is here on this earth, for a purpose sharing this information to help so many of us. Thank you, Dr. Bosworth! I love you! - JulieAnn Stone Ryan
January 1, 2023

Val Rowles
Val Rowles
1 month ago
Review of Brain Repair course

Dr Boz, this course has taught Val and me so much, thank you! We first came across your work in your audio book Any Way You Can in using a Keto diet with your mum's cancer fight so successfully. Your passion to help others shines through and we will be using this new knowledge to improve our own mid 60's brains, but importantly with other family members and friends.
I study through and am a Practitioner with Nutrition Network (a non profit education arm for Doctors and Health Care workers under Professor Tim Noakes in South Africa) and this Brain Repair knowledge is going to add considerably to how I can help so many people in need. Its an amazing way to start a new year with committed knowledge and not just disapearing New Years Reoslutions. With respect and appreciation, Jerry and Val Rowles, South Africa.

1 month ago
Brains Course

This course was wonderful! The videos were available to view at my own pace and we had one day a week live with Dr. Boz.
I was happy to have my questions answered but I learned even more from listening to the questions of others that I had not thought to ask.
I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in improving their health.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and research in such an interesting way Dr. Boz!

Naomi Baer
Naomi Baer
1 month ago
Recommended! Owners manual for your Brain!

I wish I had learned more about the brain to this depth when I was younger, especially when my children where little. I am just overwhelmed with the lack of fact based nutritional, brain and sleep knowledge we are provided in the general public. This is something that should be taught in schools worldwide! I encourage you to stay curious and strive for fact based knowlege. As I recently began my journey on the keto continuum primarily to address many health issues and surrounded by loved ones with similar issues and worse, like addiction and mental health crisis, this course is a must! I hope to share with many and empower them to start on their own journey to better health.
That being said, it was intense to keep up. I was not able to join some of the mid-day weekly meetings. I know I will be able to join other classes in the future and thankful the material and videos are available for my reference.

Elsie Berryman
Elsie Berryman
1 month ago
An Excellent Experience

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Brains Course. It has been totally enlightening and I hope to be able to pass on this information to my friends and family as well as teaching it to small groups of teenagers. It has been so life changing for myself and I know others will find it life changing also.
Thank you so much for sharing this information in such an easy to understand manner

Deborah Sager
Deborah Sager
2 months ago
Hope for healing!

I reviewed my Pella, IA experience, with Dr. Boz in teaching in person, in an earlier review. Now, I have gone through the online version with five others and still say this Course is exceptional! I know my brain is in the process of being at its best, according to Dr. Boz's research. I am 25 years sober in September 2022 after 25 years addicted to alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes. I was so encouraged to see the before and after brain scans of people like me! I cannot watch this enough and am very pleased I made the investment. My new favorite quote since starting to work with Dr. Boz in October 2021 is by Roger Sperry which he shared in an acceptance speech for a Nobel Prize for Brain Study, "The great pleasure and feeling in my right brain is more than my left brain can find the words to tell you." That is me! Thank you!

David Kalb
David Kalb
2 months ago
Eye Opening

One of the most interesting courses that I have taken. I learned so much for myself as well as for my family, friends, and co-workers. I have personally adapted many of the strategies taught and when ever the opportunity is given to me share with others, especially my family. Thanks yo so much for putting this together and putting this out there for everyone.

Mickey Button
Mickey Button
6 months ago
Life Changing

Dr. Boz packs years of study and experience with broken brains into lessons I can understand. I learned I am hurting my brain by not getting enough sleep. I can help my brain by taking actions to my increase BDNF! Thank you, Dr. Boz, for teaching me about BDNF. You give me hope by showing me that a few small changes can make a big difference in the way I feel and the actual shape and functioning of my brain.

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