BRAINS: From Trauma To Repair

Course Curriculum

Intro to Course

1 Lessons
Intro to Course [16:28] 10 points

Module - 1 [SWS]

3 Lessons
Watch Video 1.1 [1:38]
Test your knowledge on Slow Wave Sleep 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 1.2 [39:06]
Homework 10 points 6268000m
Sleep Assessment 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 1.3 [12:33]

Module - 2 [BDNF]

2 Lessons
Watch Video 2.1 [1:46]
Test your knowledge on BDNF 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 2.2 [32: 02]

Module - 3 [SWB Function]

3 Lessons
Watch Video 3.1 [1:12]
Test your Knowledge on SWB Function 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 3.2 [38:44]
Answer this Question for 3 bonus points. 3 points 6268000m
Watch Video 3.3 [3:27]

Module - 4 [Approved Assessments]

1 Lessons
Watch Video 4. Approved Assessments [11:37]
Approved Assessment 10 points 6268000m

Module - 5 [Hippocampus]

3 Lessons
Watch Video 5.1 [4:12]
Assess your Brain 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 5.2 [23:37]
Test your knowledge on Hippocampus 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 5.3 [34:33]

Module - 6 [Brain & Trauma]

2 Lessons
Watch Video 6.1 [1:08]
Test your knowledge on Teenage Brain & Trauma 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 6.2 and Follow Along [17:27]

Module - 7 [Alcohol & the Brain]

2 Lessons
Watch Video 7.1 [1:14]
Test your knowledge on Alcohol & the Brain. 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 7.2 [26:48]

Module - 8 [FAS]

2 Lessons
Watch Video 8.1 [1:05]
Test your knowledge on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 8.2 [30:37]

Module - 9 [Marijuana]

2 Lessons
Watch Video 9.1 [1:45]
Test your knowledge on Marijuana 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 9.2 [38:57]

Module - 10 [Prescription Drugs]

3 Lessons
Watch Video 10.1 [00:52]
Test your knowledge on Prescription Drugs 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 10.2 [16:40]
Test your knowledge on Chronic Alcoholic 10 points 6268000m
Watch Video 10.3 [5:38]

Module - 11 [Bonus Module]

2 Lessons
Watch Video 11.1 [3:13]
City Council 75 points 6268000m
Watch Video 11.2 [11:54]



  1. Gain knowledge about the human brain: how it grows, how it is injured, how it repairs and how it fails to repair. 
  2. Collaborate with group members and share past experiences related to injured brains. Participant’s past duties as administrators, teachers, parents, law enforcement agents, clergy, health care providers, and counselors cross educate through their experiences. The collaboration strengthens understanding of local resources and the skills within different professions in the community. 
  3. Learn how brains are injured and what are the first steps to repairing an injured brain. 
  4. Gain knowledge on health, behavioral, and psychological risks associated with drug use. 
  5. Assess their own brains and through sleep, meditation, and other activities.  
  6. Empower participants to use their educated voices within their communities.



Participants will be able to identify and discuss:

  1. General scientific accepted facts on the continuum of substance use versus abuse
  2. The types and effects of depressant abuse
  3. The types and effects of stimulant abuse
  4. The types and effects of hallucinogen abuse
  5. Age, gender, and cultural differences related to the substance of choice.


Participants will be able to identify:

  1. The parts of the brain and their functions
  2. The parts of the neuron and their functions
  3. The human condition, drugs, and neuro-adaptation


Participants will be able to identify and discuss:

  1. Recognize behaviors the impede brain healing
  2. List symptoms caused by brain swelling
  3. Name the three major categories of drugs and how they impact the brain
  4. Understand what adds risk to the developing brain
  5. Their own brain development and where they may have had ideal or less than ideal brain maturation. 


By the end of the workshop, participants will develop the first phase of a treatment plan for chronic alcoholism.  This citizen is cycling through the criminal justice system due to recurrent alcohol addiction.  The participants will be able to: 

  1. Think through the policies needed for recovery of a brain injury.
  2. Defend their choice in the policy over other good choices. 
  3. Identify resources that accurately and efficiently assess the levels of brain repair needed. 

About the Instructor

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Based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Annette Bosworth, MD is an Internal Medicine physician with over 19 years of experience helping patients overcome long-term, chronic conditions through lifestyle adjustment, preventive medicine, and other therapeutic paths. She's been mentioned in media outlets ranging from CNN, Time, US News & World Report, to Fox News. In addition to medicine, she loves speaking at town halls, jails, churches and universities. From politics to mission work, she lets her faith lead her to the next chapter of life-always looking for teachable moments. Along with her husband, she savors the adventure of raising three energetic, fast-growing sons through debate, wrestling, music, and theater. She fights for the underdog, and encourages patients with chronic health problems to "Fight it ANYWAY YOU CAN. Ketones for Life."
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Course Reviews

Mary Mammet
Mary Mammet
1 month ago

I am so Thrilled to have access to such a Wealth of information from DR Bosworth !!
I actually just finished the workshop in time for the recent Q&A. And I plan on returning to the program several times to take notes to improve the quality of my life!! I have already offered my husband access to the workshop and I am eager to discuss such wonderful discoveries that was so clearly demonstrated in the video segments. I am grateful to Dr. Bosworth for her dedication and hard work to help people and communities live better. I believe it was the best money I ever spent! It is a gift that keeps on giving! I thank you from the bottom of my heart:) God Bless+

JulieAnn Stone Ryan
JulieAnn Stone Ryan
1 month ago
The incredible Dr. Boz BRAINS COURSE

Thank you Dr. Annette Bosworth for making this course.
BRAINS: From Trauma To Repair!
To anyone considering this course I say Wow! I have learned so much. I realize that there is much information that I have never heard before packed inside this course. Dr. Boz is truly an expert on what helps or hurts the brain, and importantly, what HEALS the brain.

Some of the things in life that I had a "sense' that were harmful, were explained in this course. People close to me would argue that certain things were not harmful, while I intuitively had a sense they were not good for the human body, yet I had no words to explain why I was being cautionary. Also because I did not have the knowledge, I have fallen victim to mistakes that undoubtedly harmed my brain... but NOW after going through all of these modules, I realize that this is very serious for the development and HEALING of brains from cradle to grave. I want to share it with those I love. I look forward to watching the modules again, and reading from wealth of resources that Dr. Bosworth has shared within this course. Knowledge is power.

Dr. Boz has explained methods to help my brain to slow down to get better healing sleep. Also she has taught me ways to exercise in short spurts that actually helps my hippocampus, which I never understood the power of prior to this education. The fact that a brain can heal and improve with certain processes is incredible!

This course was worth the price tag, and will change the trajectory of my life forever. Also, I hope to be more confident when talking to others about the effect of certain actions and consumptions have on the brain. I desire to learn more and go deeper with my understanding, and share with others.

Dr. Boz, thank you, thank you, thank you! Your dedication to help others and compassion for those you help has inspired me greatly. May God bless you and yours for generations to come because of your love, care and actions!

Brandon Wehn
Brandon Wehn
3 months ago
I feel more self-empowered to fix the damage I've done to my brain than ever before.

I knew all along that some of my life choices and habits were negatively impacting my life. I didn't realize how much impact they were making.

With this newfound knowledge, I feel more capable of facing the hard times that come with removing those habits and dealing with the hardships that come as I face a life of sobriety. I know it won't be easy, but it will be more manageable knowing that there is hope for my brain to repair the damage I've done to it.

I also now have children in my life and I feel I owe it to them to give them a better chance at success in life than I gave myself. I wish more people knew the truth about some of the socially acceptable pastimes that are damaging their brains.

I have begun to inform my friends what I've learned and will encourage them to make choices that enable their brains to have a better chance at healing. I've also been sharing this with every parent I know - especially those with younger children.

Thank you, Dr. Boz for all the work you do and all the content you produce so that those of us who would never otherwise have a chance are able to learn the deeper truth around how to care for our brains and not just our "health."

jo grcich
jo grcich
4 months ago
Brains from Trauma to Repair

WOW! Its hard to put in a few paragraphs what this course has meant to both my husband and myself. We had noticed increasing brain difficulties and I kept feeling nudged to enroll in the course. I am so glad we did. it answered so many questions, some that we didn't even know we had. The information is invaluable, not only for ourselves but for those close to us. We plan on sharing the course with interested close friends and family and maybe for some youth groups we are affiliated with. The zoom meetings were certainly an added bonus, such individualized attention and getting to know our group members.

Vickie Kelsay
Vickie Kelsay
4 months ago
It’s Never Too Late

All my adult life I prided myself that I didn’t require 8 hours of sleep or so I thought.
I started the Ketogenic diet in the summer of 2018, and that’s when I started following Dr. Boz. She would always say to remember when you are not motivated to continue eating keto, what is your why? I would always say it was for anti-inflammation, and she would say for strengthening her brain. It wasn’t until I took this course that I understood why she was so passionate about strengthening her brain. After taking this class I understand the importance of sleep for a child’s development and for the health of our brains as we get older plus so much more. I am so thankful for Dr. Boz and how generous she is with sharing her knowledge. Thank you, Dr. Boz, may God bless you for your servants heart.

John Ford
John Ford
4 months ago
Fantastic Course!!

Hey Doctor Bozworth, This course has been incredible. Thank you so much for providing all of this instruction. My short term plan is to optimize my own brain & body health and then attempt to help my immediate family members that struggle with obesity, OCD, Bi-polar, ADHD and all types of addiction. My long term goal is to bring this course to the inmates in the prisons in Huntsville Texas. Through my church I have been involved in various clothing drives for inmates leaving the system. There is a huge need up there. Huntsville is one of the largest concentrations of inmates in the country and it's only a 30 minute drive away for me. Maybe that's my mission field.


Best wishes, John Ford

Karen Lee Edwards
Karen Lee Edwards
4 months ago
…You need to take this course...

I was very hesitant to take this course, initially, because of the cost. In spite of this hesitancy, I was constantly nudged by myself to enrol. “You need to take this course” had become a repeating mantra in my mind. I did enrol in the 11th hour. I had no idea how I was going to use this new knowledge. I just knew I had to take it. I wanted my last decades on this earth to be the best possible. I did not want my brain to grow old before I was finished my to do list. And I thought my husband could benefit, as well. I could see his brain aging rapidly and I wanted to help him.

Each week when I learned about how and what can be repaired neurologically, another person, I knew, went on my help list. (What if they know what I know?)

During the course, I gave my husband a Muse for Christmas. For decades he believed he was a poor sleeper. He refuted the idea that mediation was beneficial. ‘I’ve tried. I can’t meditate’. In the matter of a few weeks he now has evidence that he does, in fact, sleep well. He is mediating on his own initiative…that in itself was well worth the cost of the course. His health is improving one sleep at a time. (I am also sleeping well for the first time in decades. I am beginning to feel truly rested in the morning. My brain is clearer. My memory is sharper as a result of using the new tools learned throughout the course. I was able to stop taking a prescription that prevented deep sleep! In it’s place I now do specific tasks learned throughout the “Brains: From Trauma to Repair” course!

I leave the course with a wealth of science fact based information that I can pass on to many - family members and dear close friends. For those struggling with poor health be it lack of sleep or addictions of any kind this course is a great investment in your life’s course correction.

I am so very grateful to Dr. Annette Bosworth and her course. Her videos, including peer reviewed sources, are presented in a very purposeful way allowing for the greatest possible level of learning for the student.
I recommend this course to anyone who is wired to help people. The knowledge found in this course is a true gift to the receiver. A healthy brain is key to great performance - to be the best server possible for the body.

Sandra Counts
Sandra Counts
4 months ago
Awesome tool for a healthier brain!

There are not enough words to express my gratitude for Dr Boz and her willingness to share so much of her journey, knowledge, and tools with those of us who desperately need them and who know others who do. I have learned so much I did not know through taking this course and the Consistently Keto online course and plan on sharing with my family, church, and anyone else willing to meet and listen to the material. It is well worth the price she offers for the course. Thank you again, Dr Boz and your beautiful family for this service and sacrifice.

4 months ago
Learned So Much

This expand my knowledge of addiction. I learned a lot when acquiring my health, life and recovery certifications, and this helped take it to another level. I plan to use this information to heal myself and I will share this with my clients. The information will fit perfectly in my ministry and coaching sessions.

Vicki Barber
Vicki Barber
4 months ago
There is hope!

My husband and I both suffer from brain fog, his from Parkinson's, mine from the chronic inflammation of autoimmune disease. Learning options for healing our brains, having tools to improve our brains' performance, has given us both hope! I believe we are never too old to change our brains!
I recommend this course to anyone who even thinks their brain could use some improvement.

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