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Consistently Keto

Course Curriculum

Consistently Keto Introduction

1 Lessons
Consistently Keto Introduction [6:10]

Module - 1

8 Lessons
1.1 - Introduction [8:03]
1.2 - Write Down Your Why [6:06]
1.3 - Snake Oil Salesman [3:51]
1.4 - Form your Tribe [7:44]
1.5 - Supplies and Measurements [13:15]
1.6 - Cupboard Therapy [6:07]
1.7 - Trouble Clubs [10:01]
Q&A Module # 1 [optional]

Module - 2

11 Lessons
2.1 - Day 1 [8:07]
2.2 - Day 2 Eat fat [6:32]
2.3 - Day 3 Pray for Pink [12:44]
2.4 - Day 4 Oh POOP! [16:21]
2.5 - If No Ketones by the End of Day 4 [13:14]
2.6 - No Ketones? Sip BHB and Do This [12:02]
2.7 - Day 5 Magnesium [11:44]
2.8 - Day 6, Calories and Cravings [14:08]
2.9 - Meeting & Motor Neurons [12:27]
2.10 - Day 7, Love Protein / Fear Fat [10:42]
Q&A Module # 2 [optional]

Module - 3

5 Lessons
3.1 - Week Two [15:27]
3.2 - ketoCONTINUUM #3 Accidentally Miss A Meal [4:51]
3.3 - ketoCONTINUUM #3 Two Meals Per Day [7:56]
3.4 - Weeks Three - Four [10:38]
Q&A Module # 3 [optional]

Module - 4

9 Lessons
4.1 - Baseline Metabolisms of the ketoCONTINUUM [14:46]
4.2 - Dr. Boz Ratio [19:12]
4.3 - ketoCONTINUUM #5 16:8 [10:55]
4.4 - ketoCONTINUUM #6 Advanced 16:8 [14:10]
4.5 - ketoCONTINUUM #7 23:1 [8:44]
4.6 - Glycogen & Cortisol [13:25]
4.7 - ketoCONTINUUM #8 Advanced 23:1 [5:29]
4.8 - Conclusion [1:12]
Q&A Module # 4 [optional]

Module - 5 [Bonus Module]

2 Lessons
4 Fasting Cycle - Bonus Video
Fasting Q&A [optional]

About the Instructor

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5.0 Average Rating
60 Reviews
Based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Annette Bosworth, MD is an Internal Medicine physician with over 19 years of experience helping patients overcome long-term, chronic conditions through lifestyle adjustment, preventive medicine, and other therapeutic paths. She's been mentioned in media outlets ranging from CNN, Time, US News & World Report, to Fox News. In addition to medicine, she loves speaking at town halls, jails, churches and universities. From politics to mission work, she lets her faith lead her to the next chapter of life-always looking for teachable moments. Along with her husband, she savors the adventure of raising three energetic, fast-growing sons through debate, wrestling, music, and theater. She fights for the underdog, and encourages patients with chronic health problems to "Fight it ANYWAY YOU CAN. Ketones for Life."
Average Rating

Course Reviews

Faye Story
Faye Story
3 weeks ago
“Consistently Keto” is a Winner!

My husband & I are 81 & 85 years old. We have tried several plans over the years and have managed our weight fairly well. Mine is normal and my husband is considered overweight even though he is tall. We have followed Keto over the last few years, or at least we thought we did. Then we discovered Dr. Boz. I am a retired RN with a PhD and thought I knew a lot about nutrition and chemistry; however, when you see plan after plan failing to serve your needs you begin to wonder.
No longer people. This course broken down into parts that address just about everything persons have to deal with allows you to find answers as to why you haven’t had success before.
The rules are simple, the journey not so much, but if you look at how many years it took to get to the place where you made your decision to change, you realize this is a new journey where you are going to rebuild you. You are going to be stronger, slimmer, healthier leading to longevity. Sure beats the way things were headed. This course will educate you and the Neuron Group will support you all along your journey. Dr. Boz has a reason to care and continues to pay it forward over and over.
So be patient, listen to Dr. Boz’s teachings in the “Consistently Keto” program over and over. Take advantage of all the tools she offers and be proud of the new you.

John Nichols
John Nichols
3 weeks ago

The best!

Betty Cooper
Betty Cooper
3 weeks ago
Awesome Basics to Advanced

Thank you, Dr. Boz, for this wonderful informative class. I needed a refresher course on Keto and this class filled that bill for me. I have done Keto or low carb for almost two years. The first 10 months were the best. Stress set in as I cared for my 80 year old brother who is legally blind and a diabetic. He lost 1/3 of his right foot this summer so I had a lot of wound care to do. (I am also an 71 year old RN who keeps her license current.) I did not go back to my old way of eating but did indulge in too many nuts and eating during more hours than I should have. Your course was definitely what I needed to get back on the right track! I love the basics and I love the advanced information. I love the simple things like not even chewing sugarless gum during my fasting window. Thank you again, Dr. BOZ. Thanks to your awesome team! I am looking forward to your next class!! Blessings to you!

Christina Polnyj
Christina Polnyj
3 weeks ago
Empowering Education

Thanks so much for the exceptional easy to follow course. I really understand my own unique chemistry and how it responds to the Ketogenic Life Style. I learned so much, in particular the nuances of my metabolism which is what is so empowering. Knowing when to push my metabolism and when to give it time to adapt has been a missing link for me. The Keto Continuum along with testing my blood gave me the tools I needed to follow my step by step progress on the road to a strong and healthy metabolism. Meeting others passionate about learning was my bonus gift and I appreciate that as the science evolves we have the wonderful opportunity to continue the learning and sharing process. Thank you Dr. Boz and the whole Neuron Team🙏😍

Angie Schmitke
Angie Schmitke
3 weeks ago
Life Changing Coursework

I was so moved by this course and the teaching of Dr. Boz. I have battled with my weight since my last daughter (15 years ago). I have tried and failed at SO MANY diets I can\'t even keep track. I decided after talking to my own Dr. to give Keto a try. I started knowing NOTHING about this lifestyle or the diet. I took the time to watch and learn from Dr. Boz on her YouTube videos. Within the first 4 months of my journey, I had lost 50#. What I came to realize was that this was way more about my health and so much less about the scale. Dr. Boz taught me things about my body I never really understood. Her way of teaching was easy to understand and follow. Her compassion and empathy for each one of her \"keto\" patients (near and far) was moving. At the 4 month mark, and 50# down, I knew that I wanted to learn more. I purchased the Dr. Boz KC course and stay up late at night (yes, I know I need good sleep, but I couldn\'t help myself) to watch, learn and listen. Her course and ALL of her teachings have been life changing for me. I cannot put into words the life she has put back into me. I have energy, clarity, longevity and a passion in myself I haven\'t had in years. Dr. Boz is a true hero in my book!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your story, sharing your knowledge and allowing us to get healthy \"one ketone at a time\".

Beth Culp
Beth Culp
1 month ago

An excellent course that is more than just understanding Keto... You learn how to heal being fat adapted in combination with intermittent fasting and time feeding restriction. This really works and the course offers you a step by step guide to walk you through the program.

Sid Moore
Sid Moore
1 month ago
Game Changer

I have tried to do Keto several times but always stopped after about 2 months because of leg cramps all night that would keep me awake. This program has allowed me to tackle those issues and I now have the tools to deal with that one major problem that has kept me from getting past the \"leg cramp hump\". Have lost 53 pounds at this point and just dont have any desire to live any other way now. Thanks for all the hard work in putting this together and caring about others the way you do!

Carol Carson
Carol Carson
1 month ago
SkiMum Here!

I am an athlete/skier. I have struggled for decades with inflammation, sinus, arthritis, migraines, candida, yeast infections, and severe constipation. Because of my appearance, when I would go to the Doctor for help, they would say \"we see nothing wrong with you\".........well......\"You can\'t judge a book by it\'s cover\".......I found relief from chronic sinusitis with surgery ( I now believe the sinusitis was a side effect of my \"Insulin Resistance\"). Sinusitis led to antibiotic and steroid use burning out my gutt leading to constipation, candida and yeast.....on and on and on. Being an optimist by nature I kept trying everything....Juice fasts (bad idea I know now). I cut out Alcohol and noticed I craved sugar.....I cut out sugar and noticed a relief in the Arthritis. I cut out processed food.....more improvement the yeast and candida went away. I cut out fruit....more improvement. I ate a \"good diet\" of mostly vegetables, meats and was juicing celery....But I still couldn\'t POOP regularly (I had to use colonics) My stomach hurt, precisely my Liver-ish area!! But I looked fit......YIKES......

Mid March I remembered doing the Atkins diet after my second child was born (17 now) and feeling good!!! I thought MEAT! I\'ll do a MEAT FAST! Researching on the internet led me to Dr Boz!! Thank Goodness! My timing was perfect as she was rolling out her course. I did it! The answer was FAT!! FAT! FAT! yes FAT!

This course easily takes you step by step through the basics and into advanced KETO. I am all in! I even post now on my platforms. I have progressed to a blood monitor and am pricking my finger. I am fascinated and it is working. It has been four months of full Keto >20G carbs a day and IT IS WORKING. It turns out I, the Athlete, am \"Insulin Resistant\" and now I am healing \"one ketone at a time\". I am in Bend OR and would love to start a group here. Reach out to me on Instagram @skimum or on my website www.skimum.com Take the course! DO IT!!! You will be glad you did.

Sherry Subbert
Sherry Subbert
1 month ago
Amazing information

Keto explained for all to understand. I was so confused when I started Keto.
This course explains everything I needed to know and the science also.
Feeling better and down 35 lbs, so far.
So grateful for Dr. Boz for taking the time and energy to put this course together.
Highly recommend.
One ketone at a time 😀

Dorsi Taylor
Dorsi Taylor
1 month ago
Course Review

Hello Dr. Boz,
My name is Dorsi and I have been off/on the keto way. I have found it to be very difficult and the weekends were the hardest. I am looking to join a group but did not no where to start my search. Because of my health challenges I believe The LORD led me to you. Dr. Boz you have given my the tools pray my strength in using them.

P.S I would I locate a group that I can join?

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