Consistently Keto

Course Curriculum

Consistently Keto Introduction

1 Lessons
Consistently Keto Introduction [4:10]

Module - 1

8 Lessons
1.1 - Introduction [8:03]
1.2 - Write Down Your Why [6:06]
1.3 - Snake Oil Salesman [3:51]
1.4 - Form your Tribe [7:44]
1.5 - Supplies and Measurements [13:15]
1.6 - Cupboard Therapy [6:07]
1.7 - Trouble Clubs [10:01]
Q&A Module # 1 [optional]

Module - 2

11 Lessons
2.1 - Day 1 [8:07]
2.2 - Day 2 Eat fat [6:32]
2.3 - Day 3 Pray for Pink [12:44]
2.4 - Day 4 Oh POOP! [16:21]
2.5 - If No Ketones by the End of Day 4 [13:14]
2.6 - No Ketones? Sip BHB and Do This [12:02]
2.7 - Day 5 Magnesium [11:44]
2.8 - Day 6, Calories and Cravings [14:08]
2.9 - Meeting & Motor Neurons [12:27]
2.10 - Day 7, Love Protein / Fear Fat [10:42]
Q&A Module # 2 [optional]

Module - 3

5 Lessons
3.1 - Week Two [15:27]
3.2 - ketoCONTINUUM #3 Accidentally Miss A Meal [4:51]
3.3 - ketoCONTINUUM #3 Two Meals Per Day [7:56]
3.4 - Weeks Three - Four [10:38]
Q&A Module # 3 [optional]

Module - 4

9 Lessons
4.1 - Baseline Metabolisms of the ketoCONTINUUM [14:46]
4.2 - Dr. Boz Ratio [19:12]
4.3 - ketoCONTINUUM #5 16:8 [10:55]
4.4 - ketoCONTINUUM #6 Advanced 16:8 [14:10]
4.5 - ketoCONTINUUM #7 23:1 [8:44]
4.6 - Glycogen & Cortisol [13:25]
4.7 - ketoCONTINUUM #8 Advanced 23:1 [5:29]
4.8 - Conclusion [1:12]
Q&A Module # 4 [optional]

Module - 5 [Bonus Module]

2 Lessons
4 Fasting Cycle - Bonus Video
Fasting Q&A [optional]

About the Instructor

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104 Reviews
Based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Annette Bosworth, MD is an Internal Medicine physician with over 19 years of experience helping patients overcome long-term, chronic conditions through lifestyle adjustment, preventive medicine, and other therapeutic paths. She's been mentioned in media outlets ranging from CNN, Time, US News & World Report, to Fox News. In addition to medicine, she loves speaking at town halls, jails, churches and universities. From politics to mission work, she lets her faith lead her to the next chapter of life-always looking for teachable moments. Along with her husband, she savors the adventure of raising three energetic, fast-growing sons through debate, wrestling, music, and theater. She fights for the underdog, and encourages patients with chronic health problems to "Fight it ANYWAY YOU CAN. Ketones for Life."
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Course Reviews

Kristi Vice
Kristi Vice
1 week ago
The Best Keto Course

I must own everyone’s how-to keto book, and I even have participated in other online keto courses. Dr. Bosworth’s (Dr. Boz for short!) is the best. Her ability to teach, use real-life examples and share the science are her super powers. Her love, generosity and compassion for others comes right through her videos. I have purchased and read her two books, Anyway You Can and Consistently Keto, in addition to her two online courses. While it is possible to learn all of the keto facts by watching all of her YouTube videos, the books and her online course all offer unique and valuable support. Her online course, Consistently Keto, is truly the best guide to lead a beginner through the techniques and concerns that pop up for most people who are interested in the best health of their life. It is not the same as her book. (The book uses the story of one man to share the process of developing a ketogenic metabolism. I, also, highly recommend reading this book.) Dr. Bosworth’s online course offers a community of caring and intelligent people on their own ketogenic paths. My personal story includes a lifetime of intractable migraines, carbohydrate addiction, obesity and the awareness that I was not living my best life. I care for my daughter’s two young children full-time, and they with the rest of my family are my “why.” Join me in this journey to discover your true and best self.

Nancy Dominguez
Nancy Dominguez
1 week ago

I just have not enough words to say Thank you for such a great course and teaching me to really take care of my health. I\'ve been obese my entire life but when I turned 50 las October 2020 I decided to stop all suffering I accumulate my body and mind because of obesity. After looking for so long in youtube for keto experts, thanks God I found Dr Boz. Her clarity in her lessons really did the click in my brain and I started this course, read all her books and now I will begin Brain Trauma. After 1 month of consistently Keto, I\'ve lost 20 pounds, reduced my inflammation and regained my hope and confident that I will definitely changed my life... one ketone at a time.

Angie Easley
Angie Easley
2 weeks ago
Fantastic program!

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at the age of 45, (63 now) I always felt I could control it with diet but year after year my struggle became almost impossible. I am very consistent with any diet I have been on, I do not cheat or quit but I have changed when it became evident the diet did not work for me and that is what I said about the Keto diet. Until my Dr. told me I would not ever be well until I got on the keto diet and stayed on it. I was determined to learn everything I could about Keto and in my search, and God\'s grace, I found Dr. Boz. I admit, it was hard for me to justify buying this program because I have failed at my expense so many times before. I have learned so much from this program and I understand why I was never successful before. My fasting BS when I started was 170, I was peeing ketones in only 4 days and have stayed in Ketosis for the past 6 weeks. My morning BS is now 130 and today I had a Dr Boz ratio of 55!!! I feel confident I will beat diabetes once and for all. I will forever be grateful to Annette Bozworth!

Patti Siwa
Patti Siwa
3 weeks ago
Love this course!

Wow, seriously, how is it possible that Dr Boz can share so much info in an understandable and reliable way. I\'ve been living the keto lifestyle for a solid 2 months and have stayed the course. I feel fabulous. I\'m really surprised as I had already been eating a very clean, gluten free life style but my nemesis has been sugar. Dr Boz put sugar in a context that I hadn\'t gotten before. I know I\'m addicted to sugar and I feel so great being off of it. My body feels good!
Thanks so much Dr Boz for everything you give, even when it must have been tough with the loss of your parents. Can\'t tell you how much I appreciate you and your heart for helping others!

Becky Wilken
Becky Wilken
3 weeks ago
Excellent course!

Dr. Boz has created a course that\'s so user friendly and concise yet with enough science for us to really grasp how it all works without being overly complicated or in anyway confusing. She teaches step-by-step how to do keto and why it repairs us. I\'ve battled severe chronic pain conditions for 30 years and I have found considerable relief from following Dr. Boz\'s instructions and living the keto way. I look forward to so much more repair. She\'d taught me why sticking to the plan is imperative and how it\'s working on the cellular level.

In the course Dr. Boz implores us to be a part of a support group in order to stimulate the mirror neurons in order to create the sustaining pathways in our brain for lasting change. I started a support group that is growing and thriving beyond what I ever imagined when it began in June of 2020. We\'ve created friendships & support that feels really empowering. I understand why Dr. Boz so strongly urges us to be a part of a keto support group. Because we are in the time of COVID-19 we began meeting via Zoom & a FB page and have people from all around the globe. It\'s wonderful. We have moved twice to 2 different states in the past half year and have to say having the consistency of the Tuesday evening support meetings has been a godsend. I\'ve had several in my group start their own groups and will continue to encourage everyone to start groups in their towns as it becomes safer to do so. Thank you Dr. Boz for creating this course and for urging the creation of the support group. I hope more people reading this will take the plunge to start groups & utilize your course in those meetings. It\'s very fulfilling & rewarding.

We also have a book group discussing Dr. Boz\'s second book KetoContinuum and everyone in the group have read her first book Any Way You Can about her precious mother\'s amazing recovery from cancer. Her second book is proving excellent as it details even more which is a great progression for those of us further on in the keto way of eating (WOE). Presently, I\'m doing a 72 hour fast each week which is only possible having gone through the steps (continuum) outlined in the course. I never thought I could overcome the hunger and cravings that have plagued me my entire adult life. It\'s freeing!

Dr. Boz\'s strength and enduring commitment to help the masses understand what we\'ve been taught for the past several decades on nutrition is absolutely false and harmful. The proof is in the way we feel and how we thrive on the keto WOE. So many things have cleared up for me that doctors have only wanted to prescribe a pill for in the past. Finding the answer to a better quality of life feels like I\'ve hit the jackpot. Again, thank you Dr. Boz.

Don Stowers
Don Stowers
4 weeks ago
Fantastic Keto Course, Fixed key issues for me

Keto Continuum came into my life months after going carnivore. Through the lessons here I fixed several problems, and learn more yet through the Neurons support group, don\'t miss this tremendous aid!

Edison Rush
Edison Rush
4 weeks ago
Concise Teachable Manner to Stay Keto for Life! Sorry is it

I have been following Dr. Boz’s YouTube videos weekly since June of 2018. I purchased “Any Way You Can” Books for family, friends, and local libraries. I was the leader of our local support group “Keto Krushers” in Wilmington, DE until the pandemic hit. I went into ketosis in August 2018 and have never been out for a significant time. I got real good at fasting. I found myself in the keto rut along the side of the road since summer of 2019 from stress of pandemic and 2020 election madness. At the end of 2020, I found that I had gained 71 pounds and no longer fit in my clothes while still in ketosis. So, I joined the course on January 15, 2021. I really like how Dr Boz put the course in the Continuum order. I was able to follow the course and got back into doing 72 he fasts to really get my Metabolism back into deep ketosis. I have completed six 72 hour fast. My last fast Dr. Boz ratio started at below 30 and ended at 15. I have lost 25 lbs. since December 30th. But more importantly the brain fog and ringing in my ears are minimal and I fit back into my clothes.

Deborah Stalvig
Deborah Stalvig
1 month ago
Finally, the key to long term success!

I have tried many versions of keto/carnivore/low carb/fasting, and Dr. Boz was the first one to explain WHY keto works, and the process which helped me get really fat adapted. My body has trouble keeping my energy up, and the Ketones in a can have been invaluable to me, as well as taking the time to ingest lots of fat in the first weeks of the Keto Continuum. I have not settled at one Continuum number yet; I bounce between two or three (Numbers 6, 8, and 10). I thank Dr. Boz so much for explaining this all so thoroughly, and the Keto Continuum \"map\" is SO helpful. It will be what I always look to, to stay on the road to success. My blood sugars are down, my ketones are higher, and I have lost weight finally. I highly recommend this program. I am 58, had a partial hysterectomy (fibroids) about 7 years ago, lost most of my estrogen about 5 years ago so I use hormone replacement (vaginal estrogen and topical progesterone, minimal doses), and have battled my excess weight all my life. Keto is the first time in my life that felt like coming home, like I was finally able to eat normally and not have an appetite that never ends and is never satiated. I never understood how people could eat food and then stop, until I \'met\' keto. Thank you Dr. Boz for filling in all the blanks I need to stay \"consistently keto.\"

Dave Mueller
Dave Mueller
1 month ago
Repair Damage To Your Body

I’m 57 and have been overweight and unhealthy most of my life. I was doing pretty strict keto for months, but it was maddening to try so hard and at the end of the month maybe lose a pound. Then I found Dr Boz on YouTube. I learned a lot from the videos – especially the ones that explained mitochondria. I finally realized just how much damage I’ve done to my body over the better part of 4 decades. This hit hard and was a tough pill to swallow and I had nowhere to look but in the mirror. But on the other hand, it felt good to understand. So I signed up for the course and it showed me how to change and how to start repairing my body.

Anyway I’m on my way and making great progress – I’ve already done some extended fasting and have greatly improved BG numbers. So I just wanted to say how thankful I am. That said, if you are really bored, you can read on for more of my story.

While somewhat of an athlete and my high school/early adult years, I progressively got larger over a decade or 2 and then spent the last couple decades going back and forth from obese to morbidly obese.

Over the years I tried all kinds of stuff – low fat, Atkins, etc all with moderate success - at one point even lost 110 lbs on weight watchers. But always eventually gained back more. My blood sugar has of course always been high but a few years ago I was ridiculously thirsty all the time and peeing like crazy – finally went to the Dr and it was in the 300’s. Congratulations – you are now a diabetic.

So here we are – high blood pressure, Type II diabetes, CPAP, which lead to a heart attack in 2019, and to top it off had a stroke last year. 5’9” 350 lbs choking down a fistful of pills every day. Quite the resume - and I figure I may not get another chance. My WHY is easy – to stay alive. So I had been pretty serious keto and exercise since recovering from the stroke in May (still doing therapy) – BG started coming down to 120-140 or so. Down to 310 lbs from 350 and then stalled - FOR 2 MONTHS. I almost said the heck with it all. Then found Dr Boz and others on youtube, and just buried myself in learning the science.

In December after the course I was concentrating on fasting and was pretty consistently doing 20/4 and was working my way up to trying a 36-hour fast. I actually got some BG readings below 100! Then one day after 20 hours and it was time to eat, I decided that I wasn\'t hungry and figured let\'s go for the 36 right now – why not. I woke up the next morning and said the heck with it - I\'m going for 48. This is not normal for me as I usually have to plan everything. I made it to 46 hours and at the end of the fast my blood sugar was 89 – a new record! - and DBR under 30! - It really felt good. I had a slight setback with family visiting for the holidays but got back to it in the new year.

Now I just started my 8th week in a row doing a 72 hr fast! These things are amazing – I’m finally seeing real progress. Finally something works - losing weight and record numbers. I’ve had readings like BG 76 BK 3.9 for a DBR under 20, BG 71 & BK 2.4. Last month I weighed under 300 lbs for the 1st time in years – currently 283. What a motivator!

Although I started with the very first computers in the early 90s and have always been online, I refused to do the social media thing. But after finding Dr Boz last year and finishing the online course in November, I felt it important enough to give in and join bookface - strictly for Neuron group. THE GROUP IS AN INVALUBLE RESOURCE. I’m not much of a “joiner”, but it ended up well worth it and now I love being a part of it.

Good luck to all trying to build new and healthier mitochondria…

Jaime Wiley
Jaime Wiley
1 month ago
This is a true "how-to"

There isn\'t anything else out there like what this course offers. If you\'ve ever felt as though keto is a blind shot in the dark that\'s all about low carb, then this course is just what you need to get your questions answered, achieve ongoing success, link up with others just like you, and learn how to make this way of eating a life style rather than a fad diet!

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