Consistently Keto

Course Curriculum

Consistently Keto Introduction

1 Lessons
Consistently Keto Introduction [4:10]

Module - 1

13 Lessons
1.1 - Introduction [8:03]
1.2 - Write Down Your Why [6:06] 10 points
1.3 - Snake Oil Salesman [3:51]
1.4 - Form your Tribe [7:44]
1.5 - Supplies and Measurements [13:15]
1.6 - Cupboard Therapy [6:07] 10 points
1.7 - Trouble Clubs [10:01]
Q&A Module # 1 [optional]
Support - Group Video - 1 [optional]
Support - Group Video - 2 [optional]
Support - Group Video - 3 [optional] 10 points
Support - Group Video - 4 [optional]
Support - Group Video - 5 [optional]

Module - 2

11 Lessons
2.1 - Day 1 [8:07]
2.2 - Day 2 Eat fat [6:32]
2.3 - Day 3 Pray for Pink [12:44]
2.4 - Day 4 Oh POOP! [16:21]
2.5 - If No Ketones by the End of Day 4 [13:14]
2.6 - No Ketones? Sip BHB and Do This [12:02]
2.7 - Day 5 Magnesium [11:44]
2.8 - Day 6, Calories and Cravings [14:08]
2.9 - Meeting & Motor Neurons [12:27]
2.10 - Day 7, Love Protein / Fear Fat [10:42]
Q&A Module # 2 [optional]

Module - 3

5 Lessons
3.1 - Week Two [15:27]
3.2 - ketoCONTINUUM #3 Accidentally Miss A Meal [4:51]
3.3 - ketoCONTINUUM #3 Two Meals Per Day [7:56]
3.4 - Weeks Three - Four [10:38]
Q&A Module # 3 [optional]

Module - 4

9 Lessons
4.1 - Baseline Metabolisms of the ketoCONTINUUM [14:46]
4.2 - Dr. Boz Ratio [19:12]
4.3 - ketoCONTINUUM #5 16:8 [10:55]
4.4 - ketoCONTINUUM #6 Advanced 16:8 [14:10]
4.5 - ketoCONTINUUM #7 23:1 [8:44]
4.6 - Glycogen & Cortisol [13:25]
4.7 - ketoCONTINUUM #8 Advanced 23:1 [5:29]
4.8 - Conclusion [1:12]
Q&A Module # 4 [optional]

Module - 5 [Bonus Module]

3 Lessons
4 Fasting Cycle - Bonus Video
Fasting Q&A [optional]
February Q&A [optional]

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Course Reviews

Nancy Richard
Nancy Richard
1 month ago
Finally, a plan for the rest of my life!

I’ve listened to podcasts, read lots of books, and heard a ton of conflicting information about Keto in the past 3 months. I’ve been mostly successful with losing weight, getting my blood sugar down and eating under 20 carbs a day. But the missing piece was, how do I do this for the rest of my life? This course provided me with the tools I need - a plan and a simplified way to understand what is going on and live Ketogenically without going bankrupt. Adding a support group is going to be a challenge since there isn’t one anywhere near me, but I’m going to use the Neurons group for a while and gather my courage to start one if necessary. Thank you, Dr. Boz. This course came at just the right time!

Alma Santana
Alma Santana
2 months ago

This was so good! I just finished the course and I was inspired to start a support group. I started keto in September of 2018 after I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. By the grace of God it was stage 1 so I did not have chemotherapy. I was doing good With keto until Covid. So I am excited to get be back on keto and have this Keto Continuuem course to help keep me on track. Thank you so much Dr. Boz for all your work! You are a blessing!

Heidi Arthurton
Heidi Arthurton
2 months ago
Most accurate, scientific keto teaching available!

This course has given me what I need to succeed at the ketogenic diet. I’ve realized that much of the advice and many of the blogs have inaccurate information and don’t really address the struggles you can face with this way of life and tell you in real, scientific terms how to fix them. I haven’t reached all my goals yet, but I know what I need to do to get there. Thanks Dr. Boz for the great teaching!

Robert Sweet
Robert Sweet
2 months ago
Life changing

This Course has been life changing. I started out on a carnivore diet in October 2019 but did not understand what a Ketone was until I started listening to Dr. Boz in August 2020. I started using the Foracare tool and that led me to the best results in weight loss and an A1c of 4.7. The last year has been pretty tough but grateful for the Keto Continuum to help me get refocused. I have read the book twice. I just finished the course. I have the workbook. I am working hard on the process myself and hope in time to start a support group. I already have my own private fb group and a small daily text group for accountability. Thanks Dr. Boz!!

Amy Bellinder
Amy Bellinder
7 months ago
Thank you!

The course was fantastic! I love how seemingly complex concepts are broken down into bite sized pieces. I would however love to hear more on protein! I come from a carnivore background and a lot of people believe they are in ketosis because they are carnivore. I have personally learned I must reduce my protein to get into ketosis, and I’d love to see videos on why that is! I understand it’s the raising of insulin, but many people are being led to believe that loading up on pounds of protein is the only way to build muscle, grow hair, and stay “healthy”. Unfortunately I tried that and ended up with autoimmune disorders, weight gain, inflammation and mental fatigue. Many of the people I work with know that carbs are evil, but cannot understand how high levels of protein are making their health fail.

Lynne Thorpe
Lynne Thorpe
8 months ago
Consistently Keto

Just finished this course! Amazed at how easily and clearly Dr. Boz presents the information. I am so glad I purchased this course and yes I am co-leader of a class, this has not only encouraged me to be consistent in my journey but given me a voice for encouraging others to get keto and get healthier. Thank you Dr. Boz for your passion to help those of us who have been lied to for years by the medical community. I wish I had learned this so many years ago. I am looking forward to not only getting healthier myself but encouraging others to also. Lynne Thorpe

Sandra Case-Reeves
Sandra Case-Reeves
8 months ago
2nd Time Through in Maintenance

Excellent Course! Best I have ever taken and I have taken 100s through online sites like Linkedin Learning. Just enough info in each video to stir thoughts, change beliefs and inspire action for newbies and veterans alike. I followed the Continuum to the tee and lost 65 pounds, BMI down to 22.7, arthritic knee pain resolved and all blood markers are in optimal ranges. I am returning to the course to determine if I missed any nuances and to prepare to share with my kids and grandkids. I am running through it again using the workbook.

I hope to be a shining example of what a 75-year-old can do to maintain both physical and mental health for the rest of her life! Dr. Boz's mom inspired me but Annette was the most generous, genuine, authentic teacher/doctor I have ever met. She gives and gives. The only downfall is that my 81-year-old husband is in love with her!

Sandra Case-Reeves

Heidi Batchelor
Heidi Batchelor
9 months ago
Thank you Dr.Boz!!

I purchased this course a few months ago after reading both Any way you can, and the audio version of The Keto Continuum. This course helps to build on what I had already learned. Now I am going to go thru this wonderful course again, and this time with the workbook to really dig deeper into my journey. I just ordered the paper copy workbook, and am excited to get started.
Thank you for all you do to help change peoples lives! You have helped me to begin to heal my body and brain. I love that I can keep going thru the course over and over and continue to learn new things each time!
Good bless you!

Mary Kowalczyk
Mary Kowalczyk
9 months ago
Super Helpful!

We have used this for our Keto support group. All of us have gained so much from this course! Great tips on preparing, jump starting and looking out for common keto challenges. Dr Boz is an excellent teacher and the handouts are super helpful as well. Worth the investment. Will use this will our newbies over and over again.

Sharon Sadler
Sharon Sadler
10 months ago
Consistently Keto

Having just finished the online course and the book, I cannot begin to tell you how much this has meant to me. To have Dr Boz lay out the path to healing is greatly encouraging. I have arthritis in both my hips, neck and cannot close one of my hands properly. I have progressed slowly as recommended to 23:1 and have just started alternate day fasting. I check my numbers each morning just as she recommends and look forward to autophagy!

Cannot recommend this book enough! Thank you Dr Boz for taking the time to reach out and help so many people

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