Consistently Keto

Course Curriculum

Consistently Keto Introduction

1 Lessons
Consistently Keto Introduction [4:10]

Module - 1

13 Lessons
1.1 - Introduction [8:03]
1.2 - Write Down Your Why [6:06]
1.3 - Snake Oil Salesman [3:51]
1.4 - Form your Tribe [7:44]
1.5 - Supplies and Measurements [13:15]
1.6 - Cupboard Therapy [6:07]
1.7 - Trouble Clubs [10:01]
Q&A Module # 1 [optional]
Support - Group Video - 1 [optional]
Support - Group Video - 2 [optional]
Support - Group Video - 3 [optional]
Support - Group Video - 4 [optional]
Support - Group Video - 5 [optional]

Module - 2

11 Lessons
2.1 - Day 1 [8:07]
2.2 - Day 2 Eat fat [6:32]
2.3 - Day 3 Pray for Pink [12:44]
2.4 - Day 4 Oh POOP! [16:21]
2.5 - If No Ketones by the End of Day 4 [13:14]
2.6 - No Ketones? Sip BHB and Do This [12:02]
2.7 - Day 5 Magnesium [11:44]
2.8 - Day 6, Calories and Cravings [14:08]
2.9 - Meeting & Motor Neurons [12:27]
2.10 - Day 7, Love Protein / Fear Fat [10:42]
Q&A Module # 2 [optional]

Module - 3

5 Lessons
3.1 - Week Two [15:27]
3.2 - ketoCONTINUUM #3 Accidentally Miss A Meal [4:51]
3.3 - ketoCONTINUUM #3 Two Meals Per Day [7:56]
3.4 - Weeks Three - Four [10:38]
Q&A Module # 3 [optional]

Module - 4

9 Lessons
4.1 - Baseline Metabolisms of the ketoCONTINUUM [14:46]
4.2 - Dr. Boz Ratio [19:12]
4.3 - ketoCONTINUUM #5 16:8 [10:55]
4.4 - ketoCONTINUUM #6 Advanced 16:8 [14:10]
4.5 - ketoCONTINUUM #7 23:1 [8:44]
4.6 - Glycogen & Cortisol [13:25]
4.7 - ketoCONTINUUM #8 Advanced 23:1 [5:29]
4.8 - Conclusion [1:12]
Q&A Module # 4 [optional]

Module - 5 [Bonus Module]

3 Lessons
4 Fasting Cycle - Bonus Video
Fasting Q&A [optional]
February Q&A [optional]

About the Instructor

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Based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Annette Bosworth, MD is an Internal Medicine physician with over 19 years of experience helping patients overcome long-term, chronic conditions through lifestyle adjustment, preventive medicine, and other therapeutic paths. She's been mentioned in media outlets ranging from CNN, Time, US News & World Report, to Fox News. In addition to medicine, she loves speaking at town halls, jails, churches and universities. From politics to mission work, she lets her faith lead her to the next chapter of life-always looking for teachable moments. Along with her husband, she savors the adventure of raising three energetic, fast-growing sons through debate, wrestling, music, and theater. She fights for the underdog, and encourages patients with chronic health problems to "Fight it ANYWAY YOU CAN. Ketones for Life."
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Course Reviews

Jeannie Johnson
Jeannie Johnson
4 months ago

I am so grateful for Dr Boz and all the info she shares. In March of 2020 I got very sick with colitis and had to go to the ER with severe pain. They said I needed to adjust my eating so as not to have another flare up. I came across Dr Boz's course just as the world shut down with the pandemic. I took her course and read her book. I was fascinated and decided I had to try. I first noticed my stomach stopped hurting, then my sleep improved, then my joints stopped hurting and my skin cleared up. And finally I stepped on a scale bc my clothes were looser...I lost weight!! 20 lbs after about 2 mos. Fast forward to today...I am down 45 lbs and feel great! I highly recommend this course and her books! It is very amazing and she is a blessing!

John Cloonan
John Cloonan
5 months ago
John Cloonan Review

Dear Dr Boz,
Thanks to your medical understanding professionalism, and (more importantly) your ketogenic discipline and practice in your life, and your Mom’s, I have found your course to be thorough and helpful and complete, in building a bridge of understanding, to my slow but steady grappling of understanding, this topic of the keto diet and lifestyle. Years ago, as an adolescent (68 now) I experienced ketosis and autopagy while reading a book by Herbert Shelton on fasting. All these years I never grasped the importance of curbing carbs to a measurement of 20g or less per day. As a result, my searching eventually led me to a sort of paleo form of eating. Dosing myself with fresh fruit, though, was a part of it. Today, I begin to see the futility and errors I was making. Now, more than ever, I excitedly can move ahead informed and resourceful, thanks to you.

Janet DeGroat
Janet DeGroat
5 months ago
Thank You!

I thank you for all your information that you put out in the ketoCONTINUUM, your face book, the Sunday evening presentations etc. Your the reason that I can stay on Keto. I need your information to keep on track. To resist the 67 years of carbohydrates that are aging and destroying my body and mind. THANK YOU! Its when I don't take in your research that I let myself go off the program. Please KEEP ON!

Cory Heimark
Cory Heimark
5 months ago
The Keto Yellow Brick Road

Such a solid, detailed, road map to ketogenic success.
This is the yellow brick road to a new you. Lots of facts, lessons learned, tips, and plent of explanations on the science behind the scenes of the changes within.
This is worth it, and worth sharing, watching over again.

The keys to unlock the door and enter a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life!

5 months ago

I have been a Nurse Practitioner for 16 years and was an RN for years before that. I thought I knew a little (or more!) about metabolism and what it takes to lose weight and get healthy. Boy, was I wrong!

I have yo-yoed for more than 50 years and my metabolism is serioiusly damaged. I am now in the "pre-diabetic" range. I tried keto several years ag, but quit when I hit a stall, twice!!

I finally had a gastric sleeve surgery about 10 year ago. I actually lost over 100 pounds and felt great! But I gained it back within 2 years.

I decided to try keto again, because of my unfounded fear of hunger.
I knew that I wouldn't have to go hungry with this plan. But I had a lot of misinformation and misconceptions about keto living. Especially about fasting AND the things I needed to eat WHEN I eat. Dr Boz' CONSISTENTLY KETO course has corrected all of the misinformation I had.

The health effects of keto long-term appear to be staggeringly beneficial. This is certainly in agreement with what we have known for years about anti-aging and the folks that live in the Mediterranean area of the world.

This time, I am NOT going to quit. Even though I am now on my first plateau (again), I am committed to MORE than just weight loss.

Dr Boz and her teaching of this course and all of her videos on You Tube, as well as the Sunday night program have changed EVERYTHING!! I now know it is going to take some time to heal my broken metabolism. That is fine...I am in this for the long-haul because of Dr Annette Bosworth!!

Terri Masters
Terri Masters
5 months ago
Eternally Grateful

I just finished this course. My son and I had tried eating less carbs and dirty intermittent fasting with some mild success. I am a failure from other programs...well now I know why...chemistry. My husband has been treated for cancer that is somewhat controlled. I listened to your first book about Grandma Rose and was deeply moved with her success. I had to know more! This explains so much. Why I was a "failure" was really I was set up to fail because the chemistry was never addressed. After 5 weeks son, husband and I are at different places but after a cleanup of our pantries we are on our way to health.

I owe you so much for this information
Thank You from the bottom of our collective hearts

Nancy Talley
Nancy Talley
6 months ago
Excellent Job!

Thanks for putting the time and effort into this class so that we all can become improved versions of ourselves. You've done an excellent job of this!

I have been doing keto consistently for over a year and recently I've hit a stall in my weight loss. After going thru this course, I've learned some additional techniques to get me this period with success.

Thanks again!

Jennifer Polovitch
Jennifer Polovitch
6 months ago
Now it makes sense!

I have been battling T2DM, IR, thyroid and other issues my whole adult life. I'm 54. II first listened to The Keto Continuum, and was so captured by the story of David and Dr. Boz's delivery that I immediately listened to Any Way You Can to learn more about Grandma Rose - there are no words that can express my thanks for sharing that story Dr. is truly a blessing. have tried and failed...tried again and gotten frustrated with the overwhelming amount of (mis) information out there. Not to mention the lack of supportive "support" groups. I now have a good solid foundation on how ketones work in conjunction with my glucose and insulin, and feel like I can finally win this ketone at a time!! If it is good enough for the Navy Seals, it is good enough for me! Well done, and thank you!

Ruthie Slingerland
Ruthie Slingerland
6 months ago
From Nervous Newbie to Keto Confident

If you're looking to succeed with keto, the Consistently Keto course is for you!

I slid into the ketogenic diet not really knowing what it was about or HOW to do it. Adrenal fatigue, irritable mood and seeing the scale grow in numbers initiated my desire to really learn to do Keto in a sustainable way, longterm.

I'd had enough of a mediocre life!!! I didn't want a diet! I wanted a NEW WAY TO LIVE & ENJOY LIFE. Thankfully, through my father in law, I met DR. BOZ who clearly lead the way to my success! My husband is on board too. Huge win! I love that we can reap the keto benefits together <3

If you have stumbled into the ketogenic diet like me, this course will teach you step by step what to start doing, what to stop doing & (my favorite) WHY to do it!

Once you get behind HOW KETO WORKS and understand the way your body is designed to function and heal, you will see the difference your lifestyle change is making "one ketone at a time". It's little habits that over time make a big difference in not just how you look but how you feel and how you engage with others in your life.

I am more confident about living consistently keto because I've seen my quality of life increase and my relationships flourish. Ask my husband :) I'm in a new body AND a new state of mind!! How do we not see that the foods we choose directly impact how our brains and bodies work?!

Dr. Boz is my Keto Mentor! She speaks from experience both personal and professional. She's dedicated countless hours to make a medically complicated topic accessible to the average person wanting to live their healthiest life possible. Thank you, Dr. Boz!!

Don't hesitate to purchase this course and join her wonderful community!! It's the best money you'll ever invest in yourself! #noregrets

Jocelyn Tan
Jocelyn Tan
7 months ago
Born Teacher

Yes, that is exactly what Dr. Bosworth has. A born ability to teach. I am a medical doctor, and I am used to watching a lot of medical conferences and lectures. But Dr. Bosworth takes the prize for being the most engaging, passionate and articulate teacher ever. I wished she was one of my professors back in med school. She has the ability to take complex medical concepts and bring it down to a very clear yet detail packed level of knowledge for laypeople.

The slides are beautiful and capture your attention well. Most of all, they are a great tool to help you understand keto chemistry in great detail. I highly recommend this course, even for people who think that they are already keto experts. This lecture is so well crated and Dr. Boz did put in a lot of effort to create this. It is underpriced for the great value that she is offering! She truly is giving her service to our community and to the world. Thank you!

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